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Ariel Strikes Against Military Targets In Syria (Case Study Sample)


Case Study
On April 13 a US-led coalition, including France and UK, launched a major cruise missile and Ariel strikes against military targets in Syria, in response to Assad's regime who was accused by the coalition of using chemical weapons against civilians in Duma, a suburb of Damascus controlled by anti- regime armed groups.
Question 1: Did the Syrian regime use chemical weapons in Duma? If “yes”, support your answer by making reference to unquestionable evidence, specify reference which international law convention (s) has been violated by the Assad's regime. If “no”, support your answer with unquestionable evidence.
Question 2: Was the strike a violation of International law in particular the UN Charter? If “yes”, support your answer by making reference to relevant articles in the UN Charter. If “no”, support your answer by making reference to UN charter articles that permit such strike.
Length: one page and half single space with footnotes or endnotes


Case Study
In response to the recent use of chemical weapons by Assad's regime in Syria, the US-led coalition comprising of France and UK launched a major cruise missile and Ariel strikes to counter the Syrian governments' chemical attack that killed innocent civilians. The US-led coalition accused the government of Syria of using chemical weapons against its civilians in Douma within the suburbs of Damascus, an area controlled by rebels.[Edwards, Brett, and Mattia Cacciatori. "The politics of international chemical weapon justice: The case of Syria, 2011–2017." Contemporary Security Policy 39, no. 2 (2018): 280-297.]
Question 1: a report produced by the White House presented evidence pointing to the fact that Assad's regime used chemical against civilians. Key evidence included witnesses having seen hovering helicopters that later dropped barrel bombs that looked like chlorine barrel bombs used in the past attacks. Photos of the dropped barrel bombs in Douma were similar to those used previously by the same regime, meaning that the government used chemical weapons on civilians.[Ibid 285]
More evidence revealed that those affected developed symptoms related to chlorine and sarin poisoning and looking back at Syrian history, the Syrian government has an active secret chemical weapons program, hence the regime was likely to use them to defend itself from armed groups threatening its authority. The fact that Douma is a rebel-held suburb, there is a possibility that the attack using chemical weapons where dozens of people were affected was a strategy to limit the rebel power.[Schmitt, Michael N., and Christopher M. Ford. "Assessing US Justifications for Using Force in Response to Syriai's Chemical Attacks: An International Law Perspective." (2017).]
In 2013, the Syrian government used a series of chemical attacks. Evidence included videos showing victims of the attack in a village of al-Otaybeh near Damascus proves the aftermath of the bombing using chemical weapons. The videos proved that the victim had difficulty breathing and some people were unconscious, a situation caused by the chemical weapons. An interview by activists who question a doctor about the patient's treatment also confirms that patients were exposed to organophosphate chemical and other were being treated with atropine, a medication used for treating poison and nerve agent.
The deliberate attack on innocent civilians in Syria is inhuman and disregards the laws of war; therefore, Assad's regime violated international law convention. Although Syrian official claims that the latest killings are fabricated and do not qualify to be contempt, Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons for his own selfish gain. He has failed to employ any effective legal and diplomatic and even military forces to end the 10 years civil war.
The use of chemical weapons in Douma in Damascus on April 7 is an offense which has been proven; the chemical attack killed dozens of civilians breached the international standard with the greatest disrespect for the law of war and humanity. The fundamental standard of international law and humanitarian laws indicate that the use of chemical weapons is a transgression of convention like the 1925 protocol that prohibits the use of chemical weapon

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