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You Can Talk but Will He Listen: discussion postings (Case Study Sample)

I have listed three discussion postings and i need you to provide constructive and insightful comments that go beyond that of agree or disagree. Please number each response. 1) This is by Nash: Jack's behavior can be explained through several of the developmental theories we learned in our reading. First, I would use Erik Erikson and his Psychosocial Development Theory which states that under the identity versus role confusion, which takes place during adolescence, rebellion is considered a normal behavior (Taylor, Lillis, LeMone & Lynn, 2011). His “acting out” is very normal behavior for high school students. With his parents separating and the possibility that his parents will not be in the same state puts additional stressor on him. Next, Robert J. Havighurst's Developmental Tasks can also be applied to Jack's scenario. The developmental tasks for adolescence include achieving emotional independence from parents and others, preparing for marriage and family life, acquiring an ethical system as a guide to behavior (Taylor, Lillis, LeMone & Lynn, 2011). First, achieving emotional independence from Jack's parents may be difficult now that the entire family is experiencing this separation and possible divorce. He may end up having the same feelings that his parents have and not develop within the normal parameters for this task. Second, with a family separation and divorce, Jack's views on marriage and family life may drastically change. He may not develop a sense of needed to have his own marriage if the one he looked up to as an example fell apart. He may not want a family because of the possibility of divorce and the effects on the children, the same effects he is currently feeling. Lastly, depending on religious upbringing, Jack and his family may view divorce as something that isn't acceptable. This could shake his entire ethical belief system, causing him to question everything he knows to this point in his life and fall behind on the development of his own ethical system and guide to behavior. The implications and priorities for nursing care for Jack are more about cognitive, psychosocial, moral and spiritual development, not physical illness. A lot of this treatment would entail encouragement and referrals to appropriate health care providers. After suggesting that his parents talk to him about the separation and possible divorce and maternal relocation, I would recommend that Jack finds a mentor, if I was familiar with the community maybe suggest a Big Brother or Boys & Girls Club organization. Find a counselor to talk to, whether a trusted religious median or his school's counselor. If he needed more support I would refer him to a Mental Health professional but only after the above were tried first. 2)This is by Cynthia: I chose Erik Erikson developmental theory of industry versus inferiority. Based on Jakes falling grades, withdrawal from school, and the separation of his parents, Jake's actions seem to reflect feelings of hopelessness. The separation of Jake's parents seems to have a big impact on Jake's overall wellbeing. Jake's normal routine of living with his family has caused him to fall behind instead of move forward. I think the main priority for the nurse is to first make sure that Jake does not want to harm himself. He needs to know that he does have someone at school that he can trust and will listen to him. The school counselor should contact both parents and have a conference with them to discuss Jake's progress. Jake's family should also be referred out to family counseling. I think that Jake also needs to be held accountable for his grades and missed absences. The school counselor may also be able to give Jake age appropriate information about children and divorce. There may be support groups for children of divorced parents in the area which could benefit Jake. 3)This is by Madonna: I choose Erickson Theory “Erikson's Psychosocial Stage”: Ego Identity vs. role Confusion because under Erikson's developmental theory family relationships play an influential role on the teenager's self-concept and self-esteem. In the case of Jake, a fifteen year old high school sophomore is psychologically in the process of sorting out his beliefs, values, and ideals to incorporate into his identity. This is a crucial time as teenagers who are in need to have a sense of belonging as well as developing his self-sufficiency. The issue of his parents' divorce process and separation is a disturbing one because it raises questions about the future of his own relationships given the fact that his parents' marriage has failed and to my own point of view based on the scenario given, Jake is greatly affected and it creates difficulties in his own ability to seek affection. In Jake's case, the role of registered professional nurse plays a vital role in a thorough assessment combined with knowledgeable age-appropriate explanation and counseling. As professional care provider and educator as a nurse, he or she should be able to offer Jake and his parents' guidance as well as refer him and his parents to appropriate professionals with expertise in the emotional, social, and legal aspects of divorce and its aftermath. Furthermore, when providing counseling and education to Jake and his family, a nurse should ensure that the information given should be based on evidence-based information to avoid biases as well as include family culture and beliefs to achieve therapeutic interventions. source..
You Can Talk but Will He Listen Name: Institution: Date: In the first circumstance it is clear that the child has to undergo a period of development that will affect his behavior. The up bring has made him view life in a way that he never thought it to be when the parents plan to divorce remembering that his religious belief is against divorce. As the child grows he develops the rebellious behavior (Taylor, Lillis, LeMone & Lynn, 2011). This is indeed further affected by the state of his family. Initially the child has certain facts about life but the circumstance he finds himself in as he grows proves otherwise to him. This leaves the child more confused and stressed about how to treat life thus behaving unexpectedly. The child psychological development is affected by the circumstances surrounding him. In the second scenario, the child life is affected by his view towards his life. The divorce of his parents has made the child to have a very low self esteem. This in turn...
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