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Emotions in the way? Discussion post (Case Study Sample)

I am listing three individual post and I need you to respond individually to the post.In your responses to the posts provide constructive and insightful comments that go beyond that of agree or disagree. 1)This post is from Angela Harper: This nurse's belief system can and will negatively impact the delivery of patient care. In order for her to provide this patient and family with quality care she must be aware of and confront her own biases and work toward improved understanding and acceptance; she must also understand the processes and procedures of liver transplantation (Smeltzer, Bare, Hinkle & Cheever, 201). This nurses remarks proves that she is not aware of the current requirements for liver transplantation. I think that the other nurse should respond by educating the nurse. According to Smeltzer (2010) the nurse serves as a resource to other nurses and health care team members involved in evaluating and caring for the patient. The nurse should also serve as an advocate for the patient and family and assumes the important role of liaison between patient and other members of the transplant team (Smeltzer, 2010). “If the patient and family feels that liver transplant may be appropriate, the nurse, surgeon, hepatologist, and other health care team members provide the patient and family with full explanations about the procedure, the chances of success, and the risks, including the effects” (Smeltzer, 2010, pp. 1164). There is little time for the nurse to spend judging the patient. Instead that time and energy should be focused on things like: educating patient and family about the transplantation criteria and process, possibility of complications, advocating for the patient and family, communicating with other team members, etc. 2)This post is from Edward: I might not share the same feelings, I can completely understand the nurses frustrations, since liver transplants in alcoholics are so controversial. First If this report was being done in a place that can be overheard I would stop it immediately. That last thing anyone needs is to hear this negativity and private and protected information. Discussing the patient in a place where others could hear, may be a violation of federal regulations. Also if overheard the patient of family could make a case for slander (Ellis & Hartley, 2011) I would then try to steer the conversation back to the pertinate matters at hand. This will ensure the appropriate nursing information is relayed for continuity of care. Although I may not be the other nurses supervisor we can all take a role in helping other to see things in different ways. I would remind the other nurse that alcoholism is a disease. If the patient needed a transplant due to some other disease like cancer, how would she feel. I would also let her think of reasons someone falls into alcoholism like family history, abuse or the loss of a loved one perhaps a child. The bottom line is we don't know based on the information provided why this person was an alcoholic. I have personally been through a lot in my life and always try to look at things in different ways. I would let the nurse know her comments although possibly valid in some beliefs are unprofessional in our setting. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings, however in our profession we adhere to a certain level of standards and ethics, the Hippocratic Oath ("Florence nightingale pledge," 2013) and code of ethics (Ellis & Hartley, 2011). I would remind the nurse it is our duty to care for all patients the same, to the highest level of our training and abilities. Judgement should be left to others. 3)This post is from Brandy: Understanding patients' ethical and legal rights is a very serious matter. When you don't understand the torts which you may face for unethical and illegal care you may be surprised. As the oncoming nurse I would politely educate the nurse. I would let her know I understand that sometimes it can be rough when we have a patient with such a high demand for our care. We have to remember alcoholism is addiction that some people can't beat. As the patients nurse we are obligated to treat the patient with the utmost care possible with no judgment being passed. “Duty to treat”, which implies that the licensed physician agrees to practice medicine and accepts a patient for the purpose of medical treatment. In doing so, a physician patient relationship is established and a contract to provide care exists.”(E Medicine Health patients' rights (2013)http://www(dot)emedicinehealth(dot)com/patient_rights/page8_em.htm#legal_principles_in_medicine). We are working with that physician to follow orders as prescribed without judgment. Everyone is equal and deserves the best care possible from all staff. The patient has the right to be on the liver transplant just like anyone else. Everyone should be treated equal without discrimination of any kind to any patient. Do you realize you could be putting your license in danger? You may need to speak with the nurse manager about this issue to avoid any problems. It would be honest and professional to let her know your beliefs are interfering with your ability to give care to this patient. The RN plays a big part in addressing the value system of healthcare workers with a negative impact on the delivery of patient care. The RN should educate the nurses on how important their attitude helps or hurts the patients. Nurses attitude toward their patients play a big role on their physical and mental health which affects the overall outcome of the patient. The RN should encourage the nursing staff to let her know if there is an issue with their beliefs or religion that is affecting their ability of care for any patient. It is the duty of the RN if a nurse continues to have an inappropriate attitude toward the patient to take immediate action depending on the extent of the attitude. Brandy source..
Emotions in the way? Discussion Post
Post from Angela Harper:
Nurses like other humans can have different thoughts and emotions in their minds while being on job. This might lead to judgmental approaches and biased behavior towards patients. For instance, in her post, Angela Harper emphasized the prejudice of nurses against patients undergoing liver transplant. Nurse’s lack of concentration over the patient can have terrible consequences and therefore the medical team must try to coordinate with each other. Additionally they are required to understand different treatment procedures in order to facilitate patients and advocate them (Maureen Farrell).
Post from Edw...
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