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Does The Same Pain Rating Apply To All? (Case Study Sample)

Scenario: A 25-year-old male is one day post op following an appendectomy. There have been no post surgical complications. He rates his pain as 8 on the 0-10 verbal pain scale and refuses to get out of bed and walk until the pain drops to a 2 on 0-10 verbal pain scale. When the pain is reported as 8 on the 0-10 verbal pain scale, he is pale, his heart rate rises to 120 beats per minute and he experiences frequent nausea. A 60-year-old woman with metastatic ovarian cancer had surgery in the past and is now receiving chemotherapy with few complaints. Her pain ratings peak at 8 on 0-10 verbal pain scale; her lowest ratings have been reported as a 3 on the 0-10 verbal pain scale. She has experienced somatic pain associated with osteoarthritis for 30 years but now describes a new pain as diffuse. Her vital signs remain within normal ranges. She is fully able to participate in her daily care and looks forward to daily visits from her family even when her pain rating is high. Both patients report a pain rating of 8 on 0-10 verbal pain scale yet their presentations are quite different. What type of pain are they each experiencing? What physiologic factors may play a role in the pain and the signs and symptoms assessed? How would the RN intervene with these patients to address their pain? source..
Does The Same Pain Rating Apply To All?
According to the Miami / Jackson Memorial Medical Center, there are 3 types of pain depending on where in/on the body they affect. Although the pain is either acute or chronic, it is generally categorized as visceral, somatic and neuropathic (, 2009).
The 25-year old male who had appendectomy a day before, rates his pain as 8, on the 0-10 verbal pain scale. He can only walk when this rating falls to 2. At 8, he experiences nausea, increased heart beat and paleness.
The metastatic ovarian cancer patient is older at 60 years and undergoes chemotherapy painlessly. In addition, she has suffered from somatic pain for 30 years, and new pain is diffuse. The woman is able to do her daily chores and enjoy family company even when the pain is severe.
According to, responses to pain are inf...
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