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Applying Culturally Sensitive Care discussion postings (Case Study Sample)

Please answer the following postings individually and post your response to each by numbering them or listing there names. In your responses to the posts provide constructive and insightful comments that go beyond that of agree or disagree 1)Cynthia asked Sherlonda, We have to remember that just because we think surgery would be in Michael's best interest, we must still honor his request. We certainly can not make him have the surgery. The only thing the nurse or physician can do is to educate the patient and apply the four C's of culturally competent care which are; 1. Call What do you call your problem. or ask what do you think is wrong? This way we can understand what his perception of the problem is. 2. Cause What do you think caused your problem? This gets his beliefs about what caused his problem. 3. Cope How have you coped with the problem/ pain? What have you done to make it better/ or who else has treated you? 4. Concern. What concerns you most about this problem/situation? This way we know how serious he thinks this is. I think this along with his spiritual provider is all we can do for this patient because we can not make the decision for him based on what we think is the right thing to do. To me, this would be unethical. I would like to know what you think about this. Thanks. 2)Cynthia also stated: To ensure culturally sensitive care to this patient, as the nurse, I would first have to put my own beliefs aside and focus on establishing a therapeutic relationship with the patient. I would display a nonjudgmental attitude toward the patient's religious beliefs to create an environment that is conducive to free expression. I would inform, educate, and provide evidence based information about appendicitis so the patient can make an informed decision about his health care. I would explain to the patient the life-threatening complications which could occur when a person is diagnosed with appendicitis. For example, the appendix can rupture which can lead to peritonitis and septic shock. I would also explain the complications that could occur with having surgery. I would honor the patient's request for a Christian Science Practitioner to provide culturally competent care. I would ask the patient how he has coped with pain in the past and offer suggestions such as using ice, meditation, and prayer. 3)Crystal stated: One's beliefs determine and influence how one deals with and views social, health and economic problems and concerns. The patient in the scenario beliefs as a Christian Scientist influences his thinking regarding concepts of health, illness and death. The patient has deeply embedded feelings of not consenting to treatment. The RN and MD must clearly explain to the patient the risks of not having corrective surgery. The RN must avoid generalization or stereotyping regarding the patient beliefs. The RN can ensure patient care is given, which is culturally sensitive by giving respect to the patient values, culture and norms differences. The RN can avoid verbalizing negative comments about the patient beliefs. The best way for the RN to provide culturally competent health care is to acknowledge the patient concern and involve the patient in developing a plan of care. It's essential for the nurse to understand the patient cultural values and beliefs to provide competent care. The patient in this scenario is avoiding intervention from the medical team that can promote recovery from his acute condition. To increase patient satisfaction the RN and medical team must provide open, accurate and positive discussion that will inform the patient about his prognosis with or without medical intervention. source..
Applying Culturally Sensitive Care discussion postings The health of the patient remains paramount at all times and this will be most effective if the nurse provides all the information to the best of his/her ability (Servellen, 2009). Indeed, the patient’s request remains the pillar of the care given or action taken. Cynthia is on point when she states that “The only thing the nurse or physician can do is to educate the patient”. Moreover the fours C’s Call, cause, cope and concern will come in handy when handling cultural sensitive care. It is not bad to seek cultural care but it will always come with its disadvantages especially when the patient is not well advised. As a fact, the patient belief comes first and the nurse should ...
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