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Case Study- Unit Plan Matrix Education Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Select a topic appropriate for a unit plan based on the assessment analysis of your case study student.
Create a unit plan matrix based on the Planning Matrix Chart on pp. 335 of Math Instruction for Students with Learning Problems. Examples can be found in Ch. 4, pp. 113 & 117, of Math Instruction for Students with Learning Problems. You may reformat the matrix to fit your needs as long as it is clear, organized, and contains all ten components.
Brainstorm four or more sequenced lesson ideas that stem from your unit plan matrix.
Describe the ideas for the lessons, but do not create actual lesson plans. You will develop these ideas into full lesson plans in future weeks.
Note. The assessment analysis for your case study should inform this assignment. You now know where your case study needs more instruction, so here is your opportunity to develop a unit to address those deficits. There are no time restrictions or pacing guides with this assignment, allowing you to design an ideal unit tailored to your case study student.


Unit Planning Matrix
Your Name
Subject and Section
Professor’s Name
July 25, 2020
Unit Planning Matrix
Topic: Statistics and Probability
Level: 6th Grade
PrinciplesUnit content
1 Concepts of emphasis
2 Prior concepts/knowledge needed
3 Techniques to promote positive attitude
4 Learner characteristics to be developed

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