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To Mike Pompeo, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (Case Study Sample)


it is government research memo, you only need to do one country and follow all the rules and requirements, the sample is also in the photos, please use the structure and follow what the paper says exactly. the sample of the memo is very clear therefore don't rewrite a paper or something different from the requirement. my country is : Zimbabwe (south east Africa)


To: Mike Pompeo, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
From: Your Name and Job title
Date: August 30, 2017
Subject: Case Study of Zimbabwe
In line with increasing numbers of terrorist attacks these days as well as our continuous effort to compete with other countries in terms of economic development, I believe that it would be for the best interests of the state to further strengthen our ties with the Zimbabwean government. The reasons for such advantages are: (1) Zimbabwe remains as one of our biggest importers of Chrome, and (2) Zimbabwe has increased their efforts and funding for anti-terrorism.
To determine the best method of promoting stronger ties in between our countries, I will continue my research regarding the most cost-effective programs. In the analysis, I would make sure that I look at what would help us in achieving our goal of making Zimbabwe a closer ally with the least expenses needed. Nevertheless, based on my preliminary information, I believe that providing additional funds for our ongoing USAID might be one of our best options. By supplementing USAID programs with more funds that could tackle other arising health and social problems, our state could also get a better reputation that we could use in our future endeavors. By the earliest time possible, I would make sure that I conduct a thorough analysis of other policy change options.
Further Information about the Importance of Promoting Stronger US-Zimbabwe Re

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