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Human Resource Strategy of Google Research Assignment (Case Study Sample)


Write about human resource strategy of Google as an organization.
Your individual case study paper will be about your individually assigned aspect (which is human resource strategy) of the organization (Which is Google). You should write a 5 page paper about your aspect of the organization. This paper should include an overview of this aspect of the organization, and 2-3 critical suggestions for improvement. You must write your paper on your own, and cite all of your sources.
Cite the number of sources you see fit.


Human Resource Strategy of Google
Human resource is the most important department of the organization. This is a department that is responsible for improving the quality of performance applied to each employee. The human resource manager initiates training and seminar workshops to mandate all employees to attend. The purpose of installing a human resource to the company is to increase the accuracy and efficiency of employee's performance. The process of human resource management seeks to improve the productivity of the company, especially that they are operating on a global scale. The managers, supervisors, and directors of the company are responsible for making the goals and missions of the company. This is a long-term activity for the company who aims to intensify their operations to all corners of the world (Aubrey, 2015).
Google is the chosen company to concentrate on managing human resources program. The main reason is that Google is the largest internet-based service providers responsible for offering online data access networks for the users. This is because Google is a multinational technology company that currently specializes in providing internet-related services. Examples are cloud computing services, hardware access, and software data networking systems at any point around the world. The concentration of human resource strategic campaign is to improve the skill of employees who are providing a better service to consumers who are dependent on any online-related services. In this regard, the applicability of using a strategic human resource approach is to increase the return of investments for consumers who are aligned with online activities. The main concentration is all about the application of the company's technical management improvement to ensure that internet-related services become accessible to the users.
Application of Human Resource Management
1. Political consideration: The human resource management reviews existing rules and regulations that exist within the company. These are the policies that regulate all legal and ethical activities of Google. The human resources manager will attempt to review existing policies applied by Google. The policies will then compare it to the actual mechanism of operations that are currently managed by the company. If there are existing policies that are no longer efficient, the manager documents detected ineffective issues. All documented issues or problems with the existing policies will be filed for a recommendation to change or to remove.
2. Economic management: The manager of the human resources department assesses the current financial performance of the company's budget and finances. As a company, it is important to have an adequate amount of expenses and assets that play an important role to fuel your productivity. The human resource management is allowed to determine the number of finances that are used for the company's expenditures. This is affected by the movement of demand and supply that a certain company provides.
3. Social relationships: Google Inc. is a service providing business enterprise. All employees have to deal with international consumers from around the world. This means that they have to establish a good relationship to all stakeholders that they encounter. A company is advised to follow this practice because it seeks to ensure a trusting relationship between the stakeholders while co

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