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Harry and the Learning Team. Management Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Below is a list of the cases and corresponding case study questions. Your responses should be limited to one double-spaced page and must be submitted in MS Word or PDF format. Do not transcribe the questions on the page with your response.
a. (Week 2) Case #1: Harry and the Learning Team: What norms have been established within the group without directly being communicated? Do you think it’s the team’s responsibility to assist Harry with his challenges (please explain your answer)? Understanding the dynamics of the team and Harry’s challenges, how would you have managed the situation?


Student’s Name
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Harry and the Learning Team
When the learning team started, its primary objective was to handle finance cases and help each other. As such, its norms were addressing finance questions, discussing course challenges, interacting freely, and allowing everyone to participate in team discussions. These sets of standards were not communicated directly. Instead, group members knew that their main goal was helping one another since individuals have different learning pace. 

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