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Gap Analysis Assignment: Business Model of Storey Energy (Case Study Sample)


Read the Case study (storey energy) and answer the questions:
1. What are the key issues from both a business and OHS system perspective?
2. What management systems components are missing?
3. Develop improvements to the company’s OHS system and programs.
4. Develop a priority action plan for implementation of your recommended improvements.
Note: You will have to make assumptions. Please state them. Keep your focus on the management system issues.
Use the GAP analysis example as a reference on what the professor is looking for.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Case Study: Storey Energy
Occupational Health and Safety are integral to an organization, regardless of its nature of business. These measures enhance the work productivity of employees, create a sense of job satisfaction and security. It also poses a positive influence on the absenteeism and turnover of the employees by ensuring a clean, secure and healthy work environment for all employees. Furthermore, new employees feel welcomes in a clean and safe environment which gives an overall professional outlook. More importantly, organizational health and safety measures contribute to the alignment between employees’ personal and professional goals, decreasing the burden on the finances of the company. There are lesser insurance claims and the most important capital of the organization – the human resource can provide uninterrupted service to the organization. A critical assessment of this case study reveals the fact that negligence in the health and safety concerns can lead to adverse consequences, including but not limited to lower customer retention, negative publicity, and an increasing number of injuries.
Personal Attributes of George Storey
George Storey has real leadership qualities and a strong leader’s mindset, regardless of his autocratic style of leadership. Still, his employees, and especially the contract employees did not give much importance to George’s priorities.
Not only did he value health and safety concerns, but also understood the fact that his human resource were the key drivers of his organization’s engine of success. One evidence is that he also had empathy towards his employees. He did not want to lose his reputation or cause harm to the real assets of his organization, his employees. Plus, he always encouraged change and left job Shaw Pipe Coatings for the lack of advancement and tech practices there.
Business Model of Storey Energy
The business, as its products can be examined, had a diverse portfolio. Firstly, the firm had two divisions, performing entirely versatile functions – manufactured products and services. George Storey understood that technology has become the life-blood of organizations and a cornerstone of organizational success (Kew and Stredwick 52). The firm also sold software and remained on edge as compared to their competitors. The firm has a unique business model, which provides real-time services by maintaining a database and contact with engineers, technicians, mechanics and welders.
Gap Analysis
Gap analysis also referred to as a needs assessment or need-gap analysis, is a model used to analyze the difference between the present state of an organization and its target state (Austin et. al. 14). This target state could have different parameters. For example, if a company anticipates a certain profit figure and compares the budgeted income with the actual, and makes measures to ‘minimize’ the gap, it is said to apply the gap analysis.
Application of Gap Analysis to the Case. Gap analysis tends to be the most suitable model for implementation on Storey Energy’s safety management system (Skibniewski 248). Currently, organizations like WHO are also using this technique during their research programs because of its effectiveness leading to practical control and improvement (World Health Organization 3). The owner of the firm has a target in his mind. One of the guiding visionary factors was a safer and healthier environment but the gaps and challenges could not be easily identified because no employees were ready to make any confessions or report any minor or major incidents. Nobody wanted to be a part of the blame...

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