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Case involving Kourosh Kenneth Hamidi as the defendant and Intel Corporation as the plaintiff (Case Study Sample)

I will attach a case I need you to read it carefully and brief it please, ask admin for the file. source..
Case involving Kourosh Kenneth Hamidi as the defendant and Intel Corporation as the plaintiff
After Hamidi was fired by his employer, he started writing a lot of emails to the company. The company efforts to block the emails were in vain; hence they decided to file an action for trespass to chattels. The judge issued a permanent injunction but later the employee appealed saying that there was no proof for trespass and the injunction was against principles of free speech. The court rejected this claim. Electronic signals which were created and sent by computer were seen as tangible evidence to support the case. The court issued an injunction that defendants, servants, employees or directors or everybody who is acting with the defendant are restrained permanently from sending unsolicited e-mails to the Intel Company.
However, Hamidi filed a declaration to oppose the judgment and stated that face-Intel was established to help employees of Intel Company to air their grievances on working conditions at Intel. Face-Intel provides a forum for employees in an international corporation to interact through the web page, in the internet and electronic mail. He claims that his e-mails were not sent to Intel Company but were sent to an internet server via the internet.
Initially, all kinds of trespass were liable to punishment under the criminal law as this conduct was regarded as breach of peace. Unauthorized or moving of a chattel attracts action at the possessor’s suit, even if it causes no harm. Hamidi’s behavior was trespassory. The federal constitution is not implicated due to lack of state action. Intel has the right to block others from speaking on its property. According to Hamidi, the act of Intel connecting its employees to the ...
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