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Breach of Contract and Interference with a Contract (Case Study Sample)


Instructions:Read Chapter 12, 13 and 14 of the book (Betty, Samuelson, & Abril, Legal Environment, 7th Edition, Cengage (2019), ISBN: 9781337671408) first and then write an essay.Please follow the instructions, rubric and the example provided.Make sure you cite from the book (chapter 12, 13 and 14) first. Other than that, you could use the one to two credible resource from outside, make sure you cited them.
You are a manufacturer who had a very profitable contract with a large retail chain. One of your competitors learned of this contract and contacted the retail chain to tell them that your products were poorly manufactured and that they should stop buying from you and buy everything from your competitor. The retail chain then breaches by canceling your contract and starts buying from your competitor. Your products were not poorly manufactured.
You can sue both the competitor and the retail chain for losses you suffered, one for a tort and one for breach of contract, but you are not allowed to recover twice for the same harm.
What is the tort you can sue for and who is the defendant? Who do you sue for the breach of contract claim? What damages would be recoverable from each defendant so that it would not be recovering the same damages twice? Fully explain your answer.
Did the student address all the points of the assignment?• Was the student’s position correct?• Did the student fully explain the position taken?• Was the student clear on their position.• Did the student express themselves professionally, using appropriate word choice and formality as expected in academic writing? • Was the answer approximately 250 words or more. 
Legal Support • Did the student support the position with references and citations to the applicable law?• Did the student use the correct law to support his/her position?• Did the student fully explain the position taken?


Breach of Contract and Interference with a Contract 
The tort that can I can sue in this case is commercial disparagement. A false statement that implies that the quality of goods being sold by a competitor is controversial is what is referred to as Commercial disparagement. My competitor, successful efforts of luring my customer based on false premise on the quality of my goods, renders the tort be commercial disparagement. 

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