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CRS 334 Assignment 4 Claims and Support. Media Case Study (Case Study Sample)


CRS 334

Assignment 4

Claims and Support

Spring 2019



Read A Call for Unity and Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, included in Assignment 4 > Assignment 4 on Blackboard.


  1. Identify three important claims King makes (other than the claim listed in the example below).
  2. Identify 3 premises/grounds or elements of support he offers for each of those claims. In other words, each claim should be followed by 3 pieces of support.



  1. Claim:
    1. King has valid reasons for being in Birmingham. (par. 1)


  1. Support:
    1. He is president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and was invited by an affiliate organization. (par. 2)
    2. He is in Birmingham because he is compelled, like Paul and Jesus, to work for freedom in areas beyond his hometown. (par. 3)
    3. He is not an outsider because concerns of Birmingham are the concerns of all Americans. (par. 4)


Use the format provided in the example above. If you do not use the format above, you will not receive credit for the assignment.



CRS 334
Assignment 4
Claims and Support
Spring 2019
Case Study
King supported nonviolent resistance including sit ins, marches, and demonstrations (par.2)
King pointed out that Birmingham was probably the most thoroughly segregated city and highlighted the need for proactive action address desegregation. (par. 1)
He had the support of various goodwill organizations and affiliates including the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights. (par. 2)
Negroes/ blacks were victims of a broken promise and demonstrations were one way to bring awareness about the plight of Negroes. (par. 7)

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