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Organizational Structure and Culture (Case Study Sample)


Apply an organizational culture concept and an organizational structure concept to the case, “Keeping Google ‘Googley’”. (The case is in the uploading files)
You do not need to make a recommendation for this case.
Remember to proofread your work for the following: clarity, spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage etc.
Apply one concept related to organizational culture and one concept related to organizational structure.
Explain how these two concepts are reflected in the case.
You do not need to make a recommendation for this case.


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Organizational Structure and Culture
Google is one of the organizations that have an outstanding record in terms of management of the activities and workforce to realize the goals and objectives of the organization through ensuring the clients are served efficiently (Nekovee, Maziar, and Jonathan Pinto, 330). The management relies on the excellent control of organizational culture and structure. This paper describes the corporate culture concept and organizational structure of the organizational structure concept of the case ‘'Keeping Google Googley.’’
Google organizational structure
According to Islam et al. (340), the Google organizational structure is formed with the leadership structure in the organization. The company has a CEO whose primary responsibility in the management of the vice presidents and the sales of the organization. According to Sergey, the CEO has the role of ensuring that the organization CEO engineers the activities of the organization (Körner and Mirjam,243). Google senior management has the organization leads the product management, product marketing, sale, operation, legal and finance. The structure also consists of junior employees who serve in various departments. Kallayil indicates that Google is a large organization with no hierarchy practice in the organization (Alagaraja, Meera, and Brad Shuck 34).
Organizational culture
The organizational culture of G

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