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Management: Company rules and regulations (Case Study Sample)

Just read the article and answer the questions. Don't add vocabulary words that would be more professional because english is a second language to me. I will email the three pages article for the writer to read. The paper should be 3-4 pages. source..
Case study
Every company, organizations or business enterprise has a set of rules and regulations upon which it operates. Included here is how the company should be managed, how its owners want to manage it and how the employees are expected to behave towards the organization and any transaction or business activity conducted within and outside the company`s premises. Actions that go contrary to the set out rules of behavior in the organization are considered bad business ethics. Dishonesty is considered the major bad business ethic activity. Involvement in bad business ethics has its consequences and can lead to lawsuits, costly recalls and can even get an employee fired or forced to resign. Bad business ethics also includes actions that are against the law hence illegal.
This may include forgery, industrial espionage, and falsification of financial information, businesses engagement in criminal activities through practices that prevent fair competition between and with other businesses or even violation of state regulations. Involvement in bad business ethics usually leads to negative reputation of a business and hence low demand on customer purchase and investor confidence. It also leads to poor business relationships amongst partners and the lawsuits that follow this lead to lose in profits due to their high cost. The final blow resulting from bad business ethic is bankruptcy. It is therefore important to maintain good business ethics as it creates a positive image on the business and hence leads to enhancing the growth and increasing sales by boosting consumer trust. Moreover, good ethics increases communication and decreases the economic and social risk in a business.
The Actions of William Haggett and His Vice President Concerning the Consultant Report
Information is a very critical issue in any organization. Its access and restriction on how the flow of information is managed is very essential. Every business enterprise has its rules and regulation concerning information access, distribution and barriers. Employees hare trusted to respect the rules of accessing information and barriers of accessing classified information. Access to confidential or classified information is out rightly a bad business ethic. Moreover, employees are always trusted not to disclose confidential information as it is likely to cause complications and may lead to a series of lawsuits. The law suits could hurt the business as they are actually expensive to service. They usually create a budget deficit and consequently lead to low profits or even high losses.
By accessing and consequently duplicating the classified information of the navy, William Hagget and his vice presidents breached the confidence of their naval contracting employers. They obtained and scanned the contents of a navy consultant on the basis that he, William Hagget wanted to know if the contents of the report were holding i...
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