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Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment: International Sales (Case Study Sample)

1) Analyze the case 2) The three section should be included: I) Background/Issues - Identify the key problems and related issues(when, where, and how) - Identify the assumptions that underline the issue - Identify salient alternatives II) Recommendations III) Recommendation Rationale - Evaluate the evidence( based on utilizing the models and concepts learned from all your business class- i.e., SWOT,VRIO,Porter's five forces model) - Conclusions, implications and consequences source..
Name: Course: Instructor`s Name: Date: Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment: International Sales Abstract This case study discusses about the outline of the company, its general performance, outlook, the liquidity and investment capital of the business, accounting strategies and approximations, risk evaluation, discovery management and methods, domestic organization above monetary coverage. This case has particular futuristic tidings which reveal the anticipations in management on the subject of the development of the company, its routine, and outcomes of activities, outlooks and opportunities of the business. Introduction Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment is a company that markets products of Internet protocol system, networks and services to consumers in hospitality manufacturing industry by including one view media, one view internet and one view voice to be exact; video IP on demand and television IP, high speed internet access and telephony IP in other words say over IP in that order. The company possibly will put up these systems for auction and services position single-handedly otherwise as one wrap up that is the internet, voice and media or in other terms known as triple play. Besides that Guest Tek Company intermittently makes available general network administration, event maintenance and supplementary services to its clientele. High speed internet access is the company`s mainly established invention line moreover embodies in excess of ninety percent of the business of the company while one view internet is an administrative technology software made available to principal lodge processions in the hospitality business hence enabling the consumers or clients of the company to provide a high speed internet access key that is easy to use and entirely cap and cooperate sustained. This resolution facilitates easy connection for hotel visitors for they can connect their individual computing appliances, permitting way in to commercial electronic mail communication and to the internet exclusive of any software download or altering their computer settings. The joining together of two expertise enables guests in the hotels to make orders while they dine in the rooms, ask for café reservations, appeal come around calls, request health resort reservations, ask for cleaning or upholding services, still try airline programs and enroll for flights by means of the television and the remote in their visitor spans. Every guest once-over sorts and appeals are not to be faulted deals unswervingly into the lodge arrangements, together with the systems of property managing also referred to as PMS, systems of point of sale, golf organization, running work flow, health resort reservation and other additional systems. The one view solution characteristically includes the company`s own software which offers the center utility for visitor ...
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