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Flight 001 (Case Study Sample)

Video Case 1.2 Marketing: Satisfying Customers at Flight 001 Both did an enormous amount of travel between theUnited States, Europe, and Japan. No matter how many times theyset out on a trip, the days and hours before hopping a cab for JFKwere spent running from office supply store to bookstore to drug-store to boutique in a mad rush for the latest laptop bag. By thetime they got to the airport, they were sweaty, stressed, and miser-able—not exactly the glamorous existence they envisioned whenthey got into the fashion industry.On May 5, 1998, somewhere high in the sky between New Yorkand Paris, they came up with an idea for a one-stop travel shop tar-geted at fashion-forward globetrotters like themselves.Not everyone got it. “Everyone would say, ‘Well, there's luggagestores, Brad, what's the difference? You're gonna sell luggage,' ” Johnrecalls. “We were going to sell guidebooks, cosmetics, bags, passportcovers. There's really no place in the world where you can buy allthese items in one place.”“You can't just open another Mexican restaurant and think you'rean entrepreneur,” says Sencion. “Without innovation, there's no entrepre-neurship.” When it came to the design and concept, it was very impor-tant that Flight 001 not be just another luggage store. Sencion lent hisdesign experience and John brought his talent for selecting productand merchandising to create a truly unique shopping experience.The stores, shaped like airplane fuselages, are chock full of funmid-century modern design, harkening back to a time when legroom didn't cost extra and when people dressed up to travel andactually looked forward to hanging out at the airport lounge. It's notall in the look, of course. Customer service at Flight 001 is key to theexperience. Friendly and helpful staff members do whatever theycan to start your trip on the right foot. Unfortunately, whatever hap-pens once you reach the airport is out of their hands.John and Sencion both know that a cool shop and nice peoplewill only get you so far, so they put an enormous amount of thoughtinto selecting and designing the products they sell. Looking backat the original inspiration for the store, Flight 001 created its ownline of innovative space-saving packing bags called Space Pack.Each Space Pack is designed for a specific garment and, once filled,can double the amount of space in your suitcase with the addedbonus of keeping everything neat, clean, and organized. Futureplans include an exclusive luggage line; ultimately, John would likefor every product in his store to be a Flight 001 branded product.Another important part of Flight 001's plan is careful market-ing. While John and Sencion are not going to turn away business, itis important to the brand that they maintain the feeling of a smallboutique, so they've never done any traditional paid advertising.Instead, they rely on partnerships with airlines such as Song, edito-rial spreads in magazines from Luckyto Bloomberg Businessweekandexclusive product deals and tie-ins with high fashion designers suchas Yves Behar and automaker Mini Cooper. Unlike traditional paidadvertising, they are in front of only those consumers most likely topurchase their products. Plus, it's free!As Flight 001 celebrates its 10-year anniversary, it is clear thatits success is based on more than a flashy design. With retail storesin Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, it is clear thatthey aren't targeting your average big-box shopper. At the sametime, they appeal to anyone who wants to make a statement atthe baggage carousel. Stop by the Greenwich Village store on anygiven day and you may find yourself comparing guidebooks withcelebs such as Rachael Ray, meeting a retired couple shopping forlightweight ergonomic carry-on approved luggage, or seeing a pre-teen in search of the cutest iPod protector and a vial of anti-bacterial“Cootie Spray”—just in case. As Sencion says, “We're trying to bringa little fun and glamour back in to travel.” Questions 1. How important are Flight 001's strategic alliances to their marketing? 2. What other companies or industries would be a good fit withFlight 001? 3. What role does the design of the store play in marketing Flight 001? source..
Flight 001: CASE STUDY Name: Course title: Instructor: Institution: Date Due: Through strategic alliance with Song and other airlines, Flight 100 is poised to have a market advantage on its products. This is because, many of its clientele bases are mainly air bone travelers who would find the products useful. Furthermore, the airlines will refer customers to Flight 100 in case they would be in need of particular products, thus boosting its awareness programs. In addition, the alliances with airlines will create conducive business environment for the organization. Since these airlines are mostly the hosts in businesses that t...
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