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Casual Restaurant Market: Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant (Case Study Sample)


Chipotle's model of local sourcing and delivering “food with integrity” challenged the traditional quick-service model of centralized preparation common at McDonald's and others. How can Chipotle now balance the need to control critical operations through centralized preparation with the desire to differentiate itself in the competitive fast casual restaurant market? Can Chipotle continue to compete effectively using its past positioning as “fresh and local”?
(INCLUDE segmentation, targeting and positioning)!!!


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Chipotle Case Study
Chipotle Mexican grill restaurant, commonly identified as "Food with Integrity" becomes a successful business premise with outstanding tracks of records above its key competitors including the renounced Macdonald and others. According to the management, the restaurants created fast-casual dining category attracting customers locally and globally. Despite the challenges of diseases outbreaks from E.coli, salmonella, and norovirus as reported by its customers, Chipotle still manages to deliver and maintain its customers. This paper review shows the strategies Chipotle uses to balance the critical issues of diseases outbreaks and the customers at the same time maintains its level of food integrity. Besides, the paper utilizes strategies Chipotle adopts to compete in the market with its past positioning as a fresh and local restaurant.
Firstly, the focus of Chipotle Mexican Grill is to maintain its customers by providing high-quality food at affordable prices. According to management, the increase in stock with more than 1000% within ten years following the 2006 IPO indicates a stable business in the market. The increment in sales volumes from 1999 to 2014 additionally confirms good market trends. After the disease outbreak f

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