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TCA 488 Case Study Assignment (Case Study Sample)

TCA 488 Case Study Assignment Case Synopsis Ben Malcolm and his Las Vegas-based meetings, entertainment and special events production company, Ben Malcom Productions (BMP), was producing Up, Up & Away! , a dealer appreciation event for Forum Tires that would have 350 dealers and major distributors (and their guests) of Forum Tire products in attendance. The event was taking place that evening on the driving range of the golf course at the Desert Inn—a hotel casino resort with 715 rooms. Nine months of planning and collaborative effort among the corporate officers of Forum Tires, the Event Management Department staff at the Desert Inn, and the staff of BMP led to layouts, designs, and ideas formulated through hundreds of hours of critical thinking and planning. However, the day of the event the tent company that Malcolm contracted drove a three foot stake through a water line on the golf course, creating a pool of mud at the entrance to the main tent. To make matters worse, the catering department of the Desert Inn then got a 1.5 ton forklift loaded with banquet tables stuck in the mud and it could not be driven out under its own power. As a result, preparation for the event was now three hours and 40 minutes behind schedule. With only 5.5 hours remaining before the start of the event this problem had to be solved and fast. This case is dealing with event management, entertainment management, off-premise catering, meetings management, destination management, and convention/tradeshow management. It highlights the position of the event producer who acts as the middle person (broker) between the corporate client and the vendors/independent contractors. The corporate client is the direct client of the producer and the producer is the direct client of the vendors/suppliers and independent contractors. It also specifically deals with the unique aspect of human resource management as it applies to working with vendors/suppliers, and independent contractors by introducing student to the concept that every event supervisor is a human resource manager . . . as there is no more challenging environment for human resource management than event management. Answer these questions in an essay format. Cite your sources. READ the questions. If the instruction is to support your answer and you do not do so you will not receive credit. For format follow written assignment guidelines on the syllabus. Use your textbook as a reference and see the EMBOK model at the end of the questions. This written assignment should be between 4 and 6 pages double-spaced. Turn it in via WebCampus assignment drop-box. 1) As part of crisis management, you would need to investigate risk management. What risks were the various stakeholders potentially exposed to and how might they best be minimized? 2) Do you think that human resource management for events differ from other traditional business environments? (Support your Answer) 3) When the client chose to hold the event at a unique venue, many considerations had to be weighed before making this decision. In order for the client to do its due diligence toward the attendees, what needed to be investigated first before making this decision? 4) Develop a stakeholder analysis relevant to the issues resulting from the water main break and the upcoming Up, Up & Away event. 5) Design three options (A, B, & C) to present to the executives (CEO and VP of Marketing of Forum Tires) that you feel will quickly solve the problem while considering Forum Tires¡¯ original goals and objectives for the event. *The following table is the EMBOK (Event Management Body of Knowledge) model. The elements of this model may help you in the analysis of the case. PROCESSES PHASES CORE VALUES Assessment Initiation Creativity Selection Planning Strategic Thinking Monitoring Implementation Continuous Improvement Documentation The Event Ethics Communication Closure Integration DOMAINS ADMINISTRATION DESIGN MARKETING OPERATIONS RISK Financial Management Catering Design Marketing Plan Management Attendee Management Compliance Management Human Resources Management Content Design Materials Management Communications Management Decision Management Information Management Entertainment Design Merchandise Management Infrastructure Management Emergency Management Procurement Management Environment Design Promotion Management Logistics Management Health & Safety Management Stakeholder Management Production Design Public Relations Management Participant Management Insurance Management Systems Management Program Design Sales Management Site Management Legal Management Time Management Theme Design Sponsorship Management Technical Management Security Management source..
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1) As part of crisis management, you would need to investigate risk management. What risks were the various stakeholders potentially exposed to and how might they best be minimized?
Ideally in an event, risk management is considered a priority in the analysis of various risks with major concern on the frequency and magnitude of loss associated with such risks. As such the risks with the greatest probability of occurrence and also with greatest lost are prioritize first than those with lower level of loss and probability. In practice risk management is considered difficult and management balance between the risks with low probability of occurrence but having higher loss versus those with lower chances of loss occurrence and having higher probability of risk occurrence can be tricky and often mishandled.
According to Ben Malcolm Productions (BMP) Company, the organization of such event inevitably causes a number of risks to the shareholders. The risks that shareholders of the company may face include both the tangible risks to intangible risks CITATION Phy02 \p 61 \l 1033 (Mikolaitis 61). Tangible risks incorporate financial risks, catering risks, compliance risks among others. BMP Company should be able to certain the finances in which the company will effectively borrow to finance its events operations. As most business organizations rely on borrowing to finance its operations, BMP Company should be able to have the limit to its borrowings. Increase in the amount borrowed will increase uncertainty in the payment process. Catering risk occurs when the firm neglects the workplace activities and at the end may cause severe injury or harm to the individuals. This includes spillages in the place of event and it can be prevented by ensuring there is thorough clean up upon spillage. The mud at the entrance can make individuals to slip and severe damages caused. Intangible risks include the relationship risks which may sprout when there is lack of collaboration between the various departments of BMP when organizing the events, and process engagement risk where operational procedures are ineffective. 2) Do you think that human resource management for events differ from other traditional business environments? (Support your Answer)
Human Resource Management for events differs from the other business environments. It deals exclusively with recruitment of event`s personnel, management of the events procedures, and the provision of direction to the individuals who are assigned various tasks in the course of the event. In an effective HRM event process, its characteristics articulate to the comprehensive and strategic organizational approach for both the event place environment and culture. In the event place, the human resource management incorporates only those issues in which they involve people or employees in the organization. For instance, hiring, compensation, organization devel...
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