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Complete the Auburn Man and Highly Desired Graduate Section (Case Study Sample)


Strategic planning is utilized in business to align a company's mission and vision with its annual and projected long-term goals. This activity is a strategic planning exercise for you. Think of yourself as a start-up, where do you want to go and how do you want to get there?
1. Use the template provided here: BUSI 1010 PLAN Spring 2018.docx Preview the document in a new window
2. Complete the form including the total number of points you plan to accumulate, the letter grade you will receive, and highlight the assignments (including quizzes and grab-bag items) you will complete, as well as the point total you realistically feel you can achieve for each.
3. Fill out your first and second majors of interest.
4. Complete the vision statement.
4. Upload the completed document to canvas as a MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT. (documents submitted in any other format will not be graded)
What are the characteristics of an Auburn Man/Woman as outlined in the Auburn Creed?
What is the mission and vision of the Harbert College of Business?
In thinking about the Auburn Creed and the Harbert College's mission and vision, how do you plan to become and embody a “highly desired” graduate during your time at Auburn University? (Minimum of 200 words)
Mission: You are a start-up, the CEO of your career. What is your mission? If you had no barriers and nothing stopping you, what career would pursue? 
Vision: How do you plan to achieve this mission? What does the path to your future, to your start-up look like?


Please highlight the quizzes, surveys, assignments, and career development opportunities you will complete in this course. Include the number of points you realistically think you can earn for each, and total your cumulative points at the end of the worksheet. List what letter grade you will achieve by your point total. Use your syllabus to find the point totals for each assignment and point rages for each letter grade. Complete the Auburn Man/Woman and Highly Desired Graduate Section, as well as the Start-up of You Section. Finalize this assignment by typing your full name on the signature line.
STUDENT NAME: ______________________________ CLASS DAY/TIME: ______________________________
1 Syllabus Quiz_____ planned points
2 Academic Advising Quiz_____ planned points
3 Majors Quiz_____ planned points
1 BUSI 1010 Plan_____ planned points
2 Resume (VMock)_____ planned points
3 Academic Plan_____ planned points
4 Professional Development Plan_____ planned points
5 Case Study_____ planned points
6 Scavenger Hunt_____ planned points
7 Email Assignment_____ planned points
8 Majors/Careers Presentation_____ planned points
1 Career Fair (Traditional)_____ planned points
2 Career Fair (Tour)_____ planned points
3 Majors Fair _____ planned points
4 Employer Preview Panels_____ planned points
5 Legends & Leaders (two possible)_____ planned points
6 What Can You Do With a Major In…(two possible)_____ planned points
7 Tiger Cage_____ planned points
PARTICIPATION POINTS_____ planned points
EXTRA CREDIT_____ planned points
TOTAL POINTS PLANNED TO EARN_____ planned points
LETTER GRADE EQIVILANT_____ planned grade
What are the characteristics of an Auburn Man/Woman as outlined in the Auburn Creed?

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