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Communication Assignment Memo. Accounting, Finance, SPSS Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Assume that you are a consultant who has been hired by the founders of ACS to investigate the problem in the Seattle office. Write an email (up to 500 words) to summarize the problem and address the following two questions:
What are the causes of the problem?
What actions should the founders take to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future?
The goal of your email is to convince the founders to adopt the actions you recommend. Your recommendations should be specific enough so that the founders will know exactly what to do. You will be graded based on how well you summarize the problem, and structure and present your arguments. In writing your email, assume that the founders of ACS have no knowledge of the levers of control framework. While it is important for you to discuss components of the framework that are relevant to the problem in the Seattle office, keep in mind that the goal of the email is not to educate the founders on the framework.


Yiqing Lin
Professor Williamson
August 27, 2020
Communication Assignment Email
To: [Email Address of ACS]
Subject: Problems Encountered in Seattle Office and Recommendations
I hope that my contributions to the issue facing the Seattle Office will make a significant positive impact on Automation Consulting Services (ACS). The primary problem that the Seattle Office is facing is the lack of proper project monitoring, which makes the managing partners to fail to understand their market. For instance, 50% of the current projects will be finished in the next two months, and no new projects are lined up to kick off (Simons and Weston 4). In that case, it means that the Seattle Office will have no cash flow, profits, and revenues.
The primary causes of this problem are the lack of proper monitoring of projects and the markets they serve. Since ACS had never found itself in this situation before, the management team at the Seattle Office had always assumed that work would be there all seasons. 

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