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Refugee Settlement Policies in Australia. Social Sciences. Case Study (Case Study Sample)


This is a case study, you have to answer the following question :In designing policies to address the settlement challenges faced by refugees in Australia, how should policy makers approach the policy problem? Is refugee settlement policy different from other policy areas? Give reasons for your answer.
Instructions :
1-how should policy makers approach the problem
2- Name and explain the Reasons to why is the is the refugee settlement policy different from other policy area?
3- write 700 to 800 words do not go over 800
Question to consider
1-(very important) Consider to what extent the MLG approach proposed by Fawcett and Marsh (2017) (one of the sources I will upload) is useful to tackle the challenges of immigration policy in the context of Australian federalism identified by Vineberg (2014)(another source I will upload)
Keep in mind
1-who are Who exactly are we speaking about when speaking about refugees in Australia?
2-In contrast to voluntary migration which usually comes about in search of better economic opportunities
3-how has mainstreaming impacted employment support for refugees? what reforms are suggested
4-who is being served hear ?
thank you
In designing policies to address the settlement challenges faced by refugees in Australia, how should policy makers approach the policy problem? Is refugee settlement policy different from other policy areas?  Give reasons for your answer.


Refugee Settlement Policies in Australia
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Refugee Settlement Policies in Australia
Australia has long been recognized as an alternative destination for refugees who out of fear of persecution in their home country flee for safety. It is this reason that justifies Australia’s actions towards such victims. The numbers seeking a stay in Australia rose significantly after the Second World War considering the thousands of Vietnamese at the center of Saigon in 1975 as well as frequent conflicts in the Middle East (Collins et al. 2018). This specific group requires much more attention when it comes to settlement support more than the rest of newcomers in the country. In this case, non-governmental agencies dominate the cause for delivery of settlement services while for-profit institutions are primarily present “in Australia’s onshore and offshore immigration detention centers.”Despite their major involvement, it is surprising that the government is the primary body that formulates policies in the hindsight that it benefits the public whereas they fail to establish a direct relationship with the precise end-users. 

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