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Management Case STO200: Fly Fishing Reels Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Maximum total length 2000 words.  This assignment is to be done in Groups.

 Referring to the case study attached, answer the following questions to explain to the management how to improve their operations. In each area you should outline any problems you identify with their current arrangements, and give your proposals for improvements.  In each answer you should link your analysis and recommendations to the competitive requirements as you see them.  You should apply appropriate theories and frameworks from the module.  Each response should be written as if part of a report for the management, with references to any supporting literature.

 Answer all the questions

 1. Examine the company’s competitive position and their current strategy for competitiveness, considering required performance and performance measures.  Suggest improvements to their strategy.  (The rest of the work should help them achieve the strategy you have suggested.)

 2. Evaluate the company’s position with regard to suppliers and the make/buy decision.  Suggest improvements.


Question 3
The Fly Fishing Reels utilizes a three-category model of manufacturing. The categories include plastic, die-cast aluminum and solid material extract for the premium range. However, various styles of reels get manufactured from the three forms. The production of the three major forms of material follows a similar part apart from the near-end process that has variation. The company lacks a conveyor leading to the passing on of workpieces by hand. Moreover, formal capacity planning for the workloads in the manufacturing sector lacks, causing an insufficient production of goods. The management fails to exercise delegation of duties with the production manager being burdened with production and release of orders as per his knowledge and not company plan.
Despite this high degree of flexibility, inaccuracy of schedule and high lead time characterize the production and manufacturing and distribution of the company. The production manager uses the minute-to-minute situation technique to manually release orders which would be slow and inefficient due to delay or omission of some orders. The current manufacturing and distribution process of the Fly Fishing Reels negates the business process redesign (BPR) theory of operations management CITATION Xia14 \l 1033 (Li, 2014). The BPR theory aims at restructuring the organization of the production systems and business processes from bottom-up. Designing the workflow and production processes eases the production manager's responsibility.
Improvement proposals
Having in place a detailed formal capacity plan for production. A production plan will guide workers and eliminates the error of personal judgment and directive of production managers. Wrong or inaccurate directives lead to high resource wastage and poor customer retention due to inconsistency and delays of orders (Heizer et al. 2016, p. 537). Moreover, a production plan takes into consideration market forecast, expectations, inventory control, human capital and risk factors.
Utilization of the lean manufacturing principle for operational efficiency. The lean theory of operations management emphasizes the elimination of wasteful expenditures of resources CITATION Xia14 \l 1033 (Li, 2014). This methodology will eva

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