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Outsourcing in Business Organizations. Management Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Homework 5
• This homework accounts for 4% of the total marks for this course.
• This homework should be typed and is subject to a page limit of 2 pages.
• This homework is due by 18:00 on 6 Nov 2019 via Turnitin.
This homework pertains to the case “Lego Group: An Outsourcing Journey”. Look for the file
“Accessing case studies” on Moodle for instructions to download the case from HBSP. Or you can download it directly from the following site https://hbsp(dot)harvard(dot)edu/tu/a2590bba.
Question 1: Try to understand what outsourcing means first. Consider UNSW and identify at least three functions that UNSW can outsource and/or has outsourced to other companies.
Question 2: Suppose that you know Jacky Chan, the CEO of a big company that produces some gadgets in Australia. Jacky is seriously considering outsourcing his company’s production to a Singaporean company just like what Lego did in 2004. Jacky has heard that you have taken a Supply Chain Management course at UNSW and have studied the Lego Group’s outsourcing case. He asks you for advice. What are the key things that you would advise Jacky to consider before making the outsourcing move?
Overall, limit your answers to be within one page in total and submit it to Turnitin via Moodle.


Student’s name
Outsourcing in Business Organizations
Many companies have considered the decision of outsourcing functions in their business settings. This plan aims at resolutions for the continuous distribution of goods and services. Most organizations gain competitive advantages from outsourcing, resulting in growth and achievement of business goals. Outsourcing companies play essential roles in profit-making organizations. First, the companies enhance significant knowledge and skills on efficient customer service and the available demands in the market (Razzaque, 2016). Business units should give the best services to their consumers to enhance management of the potential customers. However, most companies lack the skills towards the achievement of stability in the organization. Withdrawal of customers results in low demand in the market. Outsourcing helps in the improvement of customer services and the maintenance of market demand.

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