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Break and Enter (An Australian Law Case Study Assignment) (Case Study Sample)


Read each part of the case study below and answer the questions. You may write in any format you like, including using dot points.
You have one week to complete the assessment.
It is DUE Friday 6 October, 2017 BEFORE 11.59pm.
You are conducting a general patrol in a caged truck about 5.30pm. Over the police radio, you hear that there is a break and enter in progress. You are nearby and attend the premises within minutes. You speak with the neighbour who called the police. You are informed that the owners both work during the day. You are told by the neighbour that she saw a male run from the premises and get into the rear passenger side of a blue 2001 model Commodore. The first letter of the number plates was 'W'. The male is described as 6' tall; Caucasian of medium build. He was wearing blue jeans and a dark coloured hooded top. He was carrying something, but she cannot say what it was. The neighbour states that she might recognise him again if she saw him.
You broadcast the description of the vehicle and the person of interest and you then approach the house. You see that there are a number of other neighbours watching you. You see that the front door of the house is open. You enter the premises and see that the house has apparently been ransacked. It is apparent that a number of rooms have been searched. Cupboards and draws are hanging open and some of the contents are on the floor. You see that the DVD recorder has been unplugged and removed from its stand. You are unable to determine what is missing. You see that a rear window has been smashed and that the rear door has been opened. You see a piece of pipe lying on the ground underneath the smashed window.
The owner attends the premises having been called by the neighbour. The owner begins to tidy up.
What actions would you carry out at this point in time? What lines of inquiry are available to you?
The following day, about 9.30am, you are patrolling near the local shopping centre. You observe one of the local recidivist thieves coming out of the Cash Converters store. He is about 5'7" tall and thin build. You are aware that he is a drug user. You have seen him recently hanging around a 6' Caucasian male of medium build. You decide to talk to him about yesterday's break and enter. He declines to name the 6' male. You say, "Do you have anything on you that you shouldn't have?" He says, ''No." You say, "Turn out your pockets." He empties the contents of his pockets onto the bonnet of your car. Amongst the contents is a Cash Converters docket. You recognise that the Canon camera on the Cash Converters docket is similar to one stolen in the break and enter yesterday. You investigate further and identify that it has the identical serial number. You obtain the records from Cash Converters and identify that he has provided a Medicare card as identification when selling the item to Cash Converters.
You say, "Where did you get the Canon camera?" He replies, "I bought it from a male in the pub for $30.00. I knew I could get $50.00 for it at Cash Converters." You then arrest him and caution him. You ask further questions, but he declines to answer any more questions. You write up your conversation in your notebook and offer him the opportunity to sign your notebook and he refuses to sign the notebook. He refuses to participate in an electronically recorded interview.
What charges, if any, would you consider laying? Comment on the admissibility and reliability of your evidence?


Break and Enter (An Australian Law Case Study)
Part A
The first section describes a break the case, where I was the police office patrolling the place at around 5:30 P. M. After inquiries, I found out that both of the owners of the place that the criminals broke unfortunately happened to be working at daytime and were no close when the incidence happened. Although, I had a first leading puzzle as I questioned the neighbor who told me that she saw a gentleman ran from the premises in a blue 2001 model Commodore vehicle with the number plate that she cannot remember vividly, it had W. She described the male as approximately 6' feet tall in height, Caucasian complex and medium build up. The suspect was dressed in blue jeans and a dark colored hood The witness further affirms that she might recognize the suspect if she saw him one more time.
According to Australian law, everyone is innocent until the person is convictive evidence against the person. One must have compelling evidence against the person he or she suspects broke the law (Williams & Reynolds, 2015, 248). In my case, the first thing I would do is collect all the evidence, write it down and keep in touch with the important source of information like the neighbor. The sort related information that implicates the suspect. As the event went on unraveling, more evidence to fill the missing puzzles was evident after broadcasting the occurrence. There was a crack in the window and a cl

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