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Managing Complex Projects, Products, and Systems (Case Study Sample)


Managing Complex Projects, Products, and Systems




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Managing Complex Projects, Products, and Systems

The development of the concept of managing complex projects, products, and systems (CoPS) has been instrumental in enhancing the success of high technology goods and services. The main aim of developing high technology capital goods and services business is to focus on achieving customer satisfaction and realization of the excellent financial performance of a given business entity. Realistically, the management of CoPS is executed in three major phases, namely, organizational capabilities, innovation models and strategies of the respective firms and companies (Eriksson, Larsson, and Pesдmaa 2017). It is important to note that CoPS is executed through two main perspectives, which are sustainable management practices and innovations. The advancement realized globally is essential in enhancing quality innovations and inventions that have overseen the creation and development of CoPS. Notably, CoPS can also be purchased by different big companies. For instance, large transport companies that operate worldwide may decide to heavily invest in high-end transportation machines such as airplanes. To further comprehend the concept of CoPS, this paper will discuss the development of mobile communication systems by Ericsson Company. Mobile communication is achieving success in the world and most mechanically advanced and developed nations. Mobile communication network systems are quickly turning into the principle media communications framework. This case study paper is important in giving a keen and insightful comprehension of the mobile communication systems and parts and in developing frameworks for the help of broadband versatile internet accessibility protocols.

Company Background

Ericsson Mobile Company was started and developed as a company that was tailored solely for development and manufacture of mobile phones. The main offices of the company were located in two major towns namely Lund, Kumla, North Carolina and Lynchburg, Virginia. In the early stages of the company’s inception, it was faced with challenges of management and inability to penetrate the United States of America market, especially in the mobile phone production industry. This was partly due to poor managerial and administrative decisions by all stakeholders (Eriksson et al. 2017) Significantly, it is worth noting that the Ericsson Mobile Company began as a radio systems developer under their then CEO Lars Ramqvist. In the early days of 1994, mobile telephony was marked and recognized as a major product of the company after shifting from the manufacture of radio systems. To maintain relevance in the market, the Ericsson Company rebranded itself from Ericsson GE Mobile Communications to Ericsson Mobile Communications AB (ECS). The rebranding of the company was necessary for enhancing a good image for the company among its loyal consumers. More so, the company was able to reorganize its activities and create subsidiary offices within its headquarters premises to cut down on the costs of operations.

The new Ericsson Mobile Communications AB (ECS), in enhancing the concept of CoPS engaged in full-blown inventions and innovations to remain steadfast in the competitive mobile telephony market. For instance, the company designed and developed Bluetooth technology in the production of its operations, especially with its vast knowledge in short distance radio technology (Whyte, Stasis, and Lindkvist 2016). Quite importantly, Ericsson Mobile Communications AB (ECS), engaged in mergers that were significant in fostering its survival in the market trends. The management of Ericsson Mobile Communication...

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