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Human Resource Advice Business & Marketing Case Study (Case Study Sample)


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Human Resource Advice
Human Resource Management & Psychology - SHR018-2
Assignment 2: HR issues at R&R Ltd
Identify and explain which HR practices need to be examined further to improve the workforce at R&R.
Discuss what kind of training and development activities (and for whom) might be helpful to assist with this improvement.
Organizations with greater access to human capital have greater competitive advantages, because of the caliber of workers in the firm who are more productive and efficient. Success in human resources policies is important since it translates a good investment and there is recouping the costs, and effective HR policies and practices should be part of the strategic management to ensure that there is a favourable working environment, where employees can thrive. The human resource practices are linked to achieving the strategic objectives of the company, and effective management skills and techniques can help improve employee engagement (Van De Voorde, Veld and Van Veldhoven, 2016, p. 196). R&R store has performed dismally in her recent past and a look into the company’s human resources development, highlights that there are gaps because of poor employee engagement linked to high labour turnover, a command and control management style, a highly hierarchal structure, ineffective recruitment and selecting as well as failure to prioritize customer feedback. The HRM practices at R & R need to be reviewed and changed to meet the organization goals and the human resource department needs to work with others to facilitate training and development.

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