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Case Study Business & Marketing Case Study Research (Case Study Sample)






              This Assessment is based on a case study. I was told to use this link below and choose one from the 25-case study. I would like to choose N0 7 coca cola) or N0 12 ( Please pick from this link provided



Note: This is the information I got from regarding the assessment. Please follow this information. Thank you.


  • Dear Student

Please be advised for Assignment 1 Part 1 ensure you focus on the

  •  Action verbs and
  • Key terms 

of the questions.


For example, for question 1 (introduction)


The action verbs are explaining and identify. Please make sure you “explain” (NOT discuss) and identify (NOT explain)


The key terms for the “explain” is “value of roles of information” (NOT roles of information). You are not asked to explain the roles of information BUT the VALUES (as in benefits) of the roles of information for the chosen case study. The key term for the “identify” is “how information can be shared...”. Therefore, you only need to “identify”. All these are contained in the assignment GUIDE.


Please make sure you use all types of features or function available in MS Words, for example - bullets, listing, images, page numbers, heading, subheading, colours, font types, table, charts, graphs etc. BUT the report must look like business report rather than creative media or arts. 



Please be advised 25 case studies will not give you the exact answers but you need to do some BASIC research and be able to THINK and RELATE relevant points.



Also if you are unsure which case study to choose, please choose one because formatting is more important than the content itself. 



For this part of the assignment, you need to demonstrate the proficiency of using MS Word to produce a strictly no-more than 250-word 4-paragraph 1-page professional report.

Based on the given/chosen case study, perform basic research to meet the following criteria below, linking it specifically to the chosen organisation of the case study. The main purpose of this Part 1 assignment is to demonstrate students’ capability in using various features of MS Words

Assessment Criteria:

250 words, four paragraphs and 1-page A4 paper

  • The 250-word professional report must contain strictly the four paragraphs, on 1-page A4 size paper                                          


  • Explain the value of the role of information specifically for the chosen organisation and identify how it can be shared and used effectively [first paragraph – suggested word counts: 60]


  • Appraise the handling of information in the chosen business context, and … [second paragraph – suggested word counts: 60]

identify key factors in matching information systems to user requirements [third paragraph – suggested word counts: 60]


  • Formulate ideas which could contribute towards generating a policy regarding IT issues and recognise the need for on-going evaluation. [fourth paragraph – suggested word counts: 60]

Overall Formatting

  • Showcase the document with the use of, for examples, but not limited to,
    • Formatting styles (Font, Paragraph setting and Styles)
    • Pages, tables, header and footer
    • Layouts
    • References (Table of Contents, and so on)

Note that the four paragraphs of 60 words each contribute to 240 words, which is within the 250 word counts limit.



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Case Study
The value of the role of information at Coca Cola is that it helps the company to engage with its customers and prospective uses digitally (Forsey, 2018). In the current case, the company relies on an app called App Annie that is shared on social media and is used effectively by collecting data from customers about their usage patterns.
Handling of Information
Coca-cola makes use of the information from the app to make a story out of the data. This is though conducting deep learning analysis of the app, such as dominant colors used within screenshots and determining trends that can help ensure customers get new ex

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