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A report for the owners of Scootle Limited. Case Study (Case Study Sample)


1.Section 1: Identify, explain and evaluate the opportunities and threats currently facing the company.
1,000 – 1,250 words
Section 2: Identify, explain and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the company. This section should include a discussion of the company’s financial position.
750 – 1,000 words
Section 3: Discuss and evaluate the different options for growth. Recommend which option the company should pursue. This section should make reference to the ideas discussed in sections (1) and (2).
750 – 1,000 words
Section 4: Identify and discuss any global/cultural issues which the company should be aware of.
250 words
Appendices: Appendices must contain your financial analysis calculations.
List of references n/a
2.You must use the following formatting for your assignment: Font style Arial Font size 12 Spacing 1.5
3.Assignments should be a maximum of 3,500 words in length.


A Report for the Owners of Scootle Limited
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A Report for the Owners of Scootle Limited
1.0 Introduction
Scootle (Leeds) Limited (“Scootle”) is an electric bike rental business that is located in Leeds City. The company was established in October 2015 by two friends, Dhruv and Luciana. The mission of the company is to provide people with an easy and fun way to explore Leeds. Initially, the business model was formulated so that it would target a big university city, thus creating a large market for the parents who were visiting their children as we as for the friends who were visiting the students at Leeds University and other universities in the surrounding areas. The surrounding universities also create a large population for the business due to the steady population of visiting academics for conferences and collaborators. Notably, many of these are interested in exploring the area during as they stay around. In such cases, one of the challenges they face is affordable means of transport and mobility around the area. As such, the business addresses the issue by providing rental electric bikes. Most people prefer electric bikes due to their ease to operate and use minimal energy. This report presents an SWOT analysis of the business, the available opportunities it can exploit, as well as the threats and weaknesses that slow down its growth and expansion.
2.0 Opportunities and threats currently facing the company
Currently, Scootle (Leeds) Limited (“Scootle”) faces various opportunities and threats in an equal measure. Whereas it can exploit the opportunities to promote its growth and development, the threats that the company faces slow down its growth and development (Massarelli, William, Johnson, Kies, Ferrarotto, Guo, & Haymaker, 2019). Such factors affect the company both internally (opportunities) and externally (threats), and they should be addressed if the company is to continue growing and expanding, as well as improving its profitability.

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