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Analysis And Documentation Of Refugee Issues In Australia Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Assignment Instructions 2000 words
Scenario for Assignment
You are a consultant commissioned by an international non-government organization to analyse and document refugee issues in Australia. These are your Terms of Reference (choose your country (Coo) first).
Present facts and figures for the country of origin (Coo)
Present facts and figures for refugees coming from Coo
(a) The factors leading to refugee exodus
(b) The means by which refugees can currently apply for refugee status
(c) Alternative means used by refugees to seek asylum.
You will need to select a country from which a reasonable number of refugees come to Australia such as: Afghanistan, iran, Iraq or Sri Lanka.
You will need to use a report format complete with an index, dot points, tables, maps etc. You must also provide a list of sources. [For anyone who has not done brilliantly in essay writing this new format may be your opportunity to shine].
Marking criteria
This is the marking matrix I use. However, as a social scientist I know that since the marking of essays cannot be an exact science, these are just areas for you to make sure that you have covered. Past experience suggests that students find creativity and critiquing the sources the most difficult aspects.


Student’s Name
Most people hardly wish to leave their homes, families, and friends. In the human history, wars and civil conflicts have been the major causes of refugees in the World. Australia is one of the rich countries endowed with wealth and natural resources. Unfortunately, the country's potential and preoccupation has been channeled towards the management of refugees from the Middle East. Every year, thousands of refugees make their way across the sea with the hope of finding asylum in Australia. Australia is a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, even though acceptance of refugees and their resettlement has not been incorporated into the country’s constitution. As such, there have been debates about how Australia treats asylum seekers and the tight restrictions that have made many people including children to find asylum in Australia. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, more than five million Syrians have crossed the sea towards Australia, and some are still leaving their country to seek temporary or permanent resettlement in Australia. Syria was once a peaceful country with oil as mineral resources until the Civil War that broke out in 2011. Ever since millions of people have been fleeing the country to seek asylum in foreign lands, and Australia remains one of the prioritized destinations. The present study explores the case of refugees in Australia with a focus on Syria as the country of origin. The study explores the push factors for refugees in Syria and Australia's refugee policies and their implications for people seeking asylum, especially from war-torn Syria.[McAdam, Jane. “Australia and Asylum Seekers.” International Journal of Refugee Law, 25:3, (2013). 437.Awad, Amin. “The $6 Billion Syrian Refugee Crisis Remains the Largest In The World. Let's Not Forget Those Most In Need.” The Nation.] []

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