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Description of the Case & Language Case Study Paper (Case Study Sample)


Instructions are attached (Please choose one case study) Thanks for your help.


I. Choose a case from the ones given in the link on the course home page These
cases involve situations m which professionals are confronted with ethical dilemmas in their roles as piofessionals, as opposed to individuals who may be confronted with ethical dilemmas in their roles as
profeZratirDS™fLSUCh’ !hC fT °fT assignment shouId be a" of » ethical dilemma for a ordt^TndZal a"d n0t a" ana'ySiS 0f “ ethiCaI dilemraa «■* perspective of an
2‘ th,e r,rSe matCria1, Wdyze ,hC “* y0U have ch0SCn by followi,'8 the "Case Study Analysis" steps
in the Course Information. You may wish to review the discussion on Case 2.1 in Unit 2 to see how an ethical theory might apply to a case, which may give you some ideas for your own case. From the professional’s
y0U" SOa, 13 !° pr0vlde an anal5'sis ,hat would defend a resolution that is the most satisfactory from moral perspective for the professional in professional practice. The strategy is to discuss, evaluate and' compare the pros and cons of each different possible resolution for the professional, by examining ’
h^tifi H ^ u laVC !TrmS °" determinin* which resolution is best from an ctliical point ofXiew Your ^ M bf sufBcie'«ly detailed and free of logical errors. It must clearly demonstrate that the
resolution you have chosen is the best option, from an ethical perspective, for the professional in the case You are not permitted to wnte on the same ethical issue for both the case study analysis and the philosophy research paper. You are not required to conduct research outside of the course material for this assignment referent y0U USefr0m 0ther“’ including thecourse material, must be properly cited and’3' Jhn Sfraf!ng be‘°W Wi" bC applied t0 your case stu<Jy analysis. Note that thus grading schemc does not
eflect all giading considerations, such as those pertaining to your overall organizational structure or the
wo^3s^he Grading Pot*' v°!» a ^encral®u^del*ne of how these considerations may affect evaluations of your «oik see the Grading Policy section m the Course Information. For this Case Study assignment your tutor »ill use the General Grading Matra to determine how, for better or for worse, your organization and mechanics affect your grade while also using the particular Grading Scheme provided here.



Student’s Name
Description of the Case
Case 2 was chosen for the current analysis. The claim states that Terry, a supervisor in the water pollution at the environmental quality department, involved members in the enforcement section to study the deep-wall injection of harmful chemical waste by numerous petrochemical processing plants. Preliminary findings of the chemical analysis indicated that there was sufficient evidence of toxic materials migrating towards the aquifer, which was the primary source of drinking water for the rural communities.
Terry needed to submit the report to her supervisor, who was the assistant secretary for hazardous waste, water, and air. Terry was happy with the report and applauded her staff for it. After finishing going through the report, she recalled her last damaging report that majored in fish destruction caused by the movement of toxic waste in the northern section of the province. However, when she submitted the report to the chain of commands, she did not get a response to the report.

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