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Burt's Bee Balancing Growth and Sustainability (Case Study Sample)

Answer the questions below based on the Burt's Bee balncing Growth and Sustainability Case Study. (One page per answer) 1. Which of Burt's Bee 2020 goals do you believe is most challenging? Why? 2. Is Burt's Bees sustainability replicable? Could any company do this? Why or why not? 3. As companies grow, sustainable operations are more difficult. How has Burt's Bee balanced those tensions so far? 4. Look at Exhibit 6: Sustainability Performance Indicators in the case. Is that a complete picture of the impacts of Burt's Bees? Why or why not? source..
Burt's Bee Balancing Growth and Sustainability Name Course Professor Date Burt`s Bee`s goals: most challenging goal Burt`s Bee is a company that mainly deals with personal care products. The company was formed 25 years ago in Durham. It is one of the leading companies in the US offering natural beauty and health care products. The 2010 Image Power named Burt`s Bees as the leading Grand Brand. In 2007, this company came up with a set of goals that it targets to achieve by 2020 in order to improve on its performance and sustainability. These goals are: * Creation of zero waste, * Use of renewable energy only in its production, * Fabrication of products by use of natural products only and packaging the same in environmental friendly packages, * Having all its buildings certified by LEED and having the certificates as evidence of certification, * . Lastly, to involve their employees fully in sustainability. The goals set by Burt`s Bee are realistic and are achievable by the set time. In fact, Burt`s Bee has seen satisfactory results in its quest to create zero waste. A survey carried out on the company shows that it was able to reduce its stream of waste from 344 tons to 66 tons. On the other hand, the most challenging goal is the last one that entails engaging the employees in sustainability fully. The company identifies the importance of employees in not only attaining the company`s sustainability but also reaching out and making a difference to both the customers and the community at large. This is because employees may be reluctant to change especially if the new program to attain sustainability is not employee friendly or threatens their job security. This leaves Burt`s Bee to be extensively sensitize and educate their employees on its initiative. In addition, the company ought to collect the employee`s feedback in order to comprehend their perception on its quest of sustainabi...
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