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What Are The Symptoms A Clinician Should Ask About: Meredith (Case Study Sample)


I ans sending Meredith case study alone with the form that must be filled out 9 questions please use details much as possible you are doing a good job on my papers.


Meredith Case Study
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1 Based on what the clinician has learned during the intake, what are some of the symptoms a clinician should look for, or ask about when working with this client during the initial sessions? Explain each symptom.
The clinician should pay attention to whether she has migraines or not, does she have any menstrual problems, what is the mental history of the client, was her father or uncle a drug addict. Furthermore, the patient complains about irregular sleeping habits, which is also a matter of great concern (Albin & Bailey, 2014).
2 What other historical information might a counselor want to ask about?
It is important for the counselor to know whether the patient had physical relationship or not. Unfortunately, she leaves this section blank and refuses to say anything in this regard. But it is important for the doctor to know everything to ensure the provision of reliable treatment. Plus, he needs to collect information regarding her past experiences, positive or negative (Masley, 2018).
3 What might a clinician want to know about Meredith’s alcohol use and why? Having this knowledge what might this tell the clinician about Meredith’s motivation for treatment?
The clinician must be told about Meredith’s alcohol use because the data will help him evaluate the overall situation. She seems to be hiding this information, which is not good; plus, she does not reveal whether her uncle or dad is addict or not. For the clinician, getting this information is mandatory; otherwise, he may not be able to prescribe medications (Bredesen, 2017).
4 What might a clinician want to know about her eating, sleeping, and stress, and why?
It looks like the clinician wants to know whether she has an eating and sleeping disorder or not. Sometimes, we suffer from depression and stress given that our sleeping or eating habits are irregular (Albin & Bailey, 2014).
5 What biomedical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive conditions would the clinician want to explore when working with this client? Explain why.
Maintaining a therapeutic alliance with

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