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Water Footprint: Kitchen, Gardens, And Bathrooms (Case Study Sample)


Go to the following URL and follow the instructions to do the water calculator: HYPERLINK "https://www(dot)watercalculator(dot)org/wfc2/complete/"
I have Completed my current water footprint and Reproduced this as a table. You can find it below.
The assignment requires to answer the following questions:
1. What are your main sources of water use? Use the categories provided (indoor, outdoor, and virtual) as well as the more detailed examples. Please be explicit and detailed.
2. Can you get your water use below the UK's average of roughly 150 liters per day? Reproduce this as a table. Please describe your strategy to do so.
3. Can you get your water use below the World Health Organization's recommendation of 20 liters per day in emergencies? Reproduce this as a table. Please describe your strategy to do so.
*The question 2 & 3 only need to compare the outdoor and indoor water use to that standard, which means do not need to include virtual water use.
Your write up should total no more than 500 words in your own words, no source needed. not including the tables. Use complete sentences and paragraphs.


Water Footprint
Water Footprint
Our consumption of water is not only limited to the kitchen, gardens, and bathrooms. Each day we contribute to use of large amounts of water when buying various products such as food and biofuel. As a result, we have an indirect impact on the water resources available across the globe. The measurement of water footprints is important as it enables us to get a clear picture of how we consume water in the society. The water footprint is the quantity of water consumed in the daily life of an individual. My main source of water is surface water. This is because my main uses of water are internal. I would be able to get my water use below the UKs average of roughly 150 liters' per day by reducing the amount of water I use as indicated below. One of the strategies is reducing the amount of time to shower. This means that the water flow from the shower will reduce hence reducing the amount of water used. Another strategy to reduce the number of times I use the bathtub from three to two. The other strategy would be decreasing the amount of time spent at the kitchen sink. This would, in turn, imply that I would use a minimal amount of water.


Gallons/Day: Me

Indoor Water


1 household member



Less than 15 min with conventional showerheads



2 per week


Bathroom Sink

11-15 min with conventional faucets




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