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Case 8-1: U.S. Intervention in Haiti (Case Study Sample)

Writer, The following need to be written in 4 FULL pages with one source, which will come from this book (and citations MUST come from chapter 8!) - International Ethics: Concepts, Theories, and Cases in Global Politics (3rd Edition) by Mark R. Amstutz. Please do not plagiarize, and make sure it is well-written and organized as well as cited correctly. I do not need a title page, but make sure there is a references page (reference page is separate from the 4 FULL pages required). In this case study, you will need to answer the questions 1) What is ethical here in this case?, 2) What are the remedy(remedies) for that ethical case?, and 3) ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS UNDER MORAL REFLECTIONS IN THE PDF FILE (IT IS ON PAGE 5). I will upload the case study in an attachment. Please read the case study and analyze it carefully. Also, please answer all questions under \"Moral Reflections\". Lastly, in a paragraph or so, give the facts of the case (preferably in the beginning of the paper after the introduction). source..

U.S intervention in Haiti
U.S intervention in HAITI
Haiti gained political independence in the early nineteenth century after France colonization. Regardless of gaining its political independence, Haiti’s self-rule that is close to two centuries has failed to provide the economic and political development. Instead, it had resulted to economic stagnation, political oppression as well as cultural decay. This was brought about by the authoritarianism, political instability, and corruption, among others.As these continued, many Haitians sought refuge in various nations and particularly in the United States, which led to the involvement and State’s intervention in Haiti. There are great international moral obligations that ought to be offered to the nations that suffer from human rights abuses, unconstitutional political and domestic change, as well as oppressive regimes. Find herein the ethical issues and remedy for Haiti.
The Facts
Haiti’s political self-rule after independence did not result any development economically and politically. The independence led to political instability, authoritarianism, and corruption. Haiti held the first self-governing elections in December nineteen-ninety where Reverend Jean-Bertrand Aristide was elected as president. United States in conjunction with the international community intervened restoring the democratic government.
Haiti’s political struggle
Haiti, being the poorest country that is densely populated deserved some reformations that would help its development, both politically and economically. Instead, the country fell in the hands of oppression and cultural decay, among others after the independence. The act of dictatorship and authoritarianism would drag the economies of any country(Amstutz, 2005). It is an unforgivable act because it continues to worsen the status of the citizens. Democratic exercise is the best option for development that the leaders of Haiti and military force had refused to embrace. This led to more oppression of citizens and leaders like Aristide who were made fugitives in their own land.The economic strains that resulted by sanctions imposed by the United Nations, led to illegal entry of many Haiti citizens into the United States, fleeing from oppression and adversity in their country. The overwhelming number of Haitians who settled in the U.S made the government to face hard moral dilemma of how to respond to the rapidly enlarging human needs. The government was stranded on whether to take the Haitians to the detention camps or return them to Haiti, which was their country.
There was increase of international pressures on Haiti regime and due to this, the overthrown Haiti president Aristide together with General Raoul Cedras, who was the leader of Haiti’s military held a meeting at Governors Islandin New York. Firstly, the hosting of these two principles by the United States indicated th...
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