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Treatment Plan and Chapter (Case Study Sample)


Chapter 10 is a treatment plan on Diane please do not copy the book. Please read chapter 10 and 11. I have added instructions. Chapter 10 also answer questions on page 118. Make 4 to 5 sentences at the most for both chapters. Chapter 11 answer questions on page 127 and 129 The title is Your place at your agencey. I am treated like a intern. this sememter I have a lot of projects to do. I am her only intern for the summer. I never see my supervisor because she is so busy and she is working on her second masters degree. one paper is a case syudt like it is a treatment plan. Home dwork and a treatment plan . The plan just like the book . Just the outline make it like the book please


Chapter 10 and 11
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As a social work student who is responsible for creating a learning contract for self, as well as treatment plans for clients, describe why it is so important to know the difference between goals and objectives
There is a distinction between goals and objectives, although the two concepts are related. Goals refer to the long-term plans which an individual wants to achieve while objectives are concrete accomplishments which can be attained by practicing certain steps. Learning goals are attainments that I want to be able to perform and know after finishing the internship learning experience. On the other hand, learning objectives are concrete aims that I want to learn during the internship experience.
Spend moment thinking about a client at your internship. Use the blank treatment plan associated with this assignment to write a brief treatment plan for that client. Remember to select a theory first. Complete the thoughts to ponder upon completion of your treatment plan.
Recently, I wrote a treatment plan for a client. I applied family systems approach theory and cognitive-behavioral approach theory to guide my understanding of how to address the client’s needs at the time she entered the treatment. The two theories assisted me to develop a treatment plan that was consistent to the expressed problems, needs, values, wishes and culture of the client and to understand client’s problems, needs, abilities, strengths, and previous experiences.
Treatment plan based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Problem Goal Objectives Responsibility Time frame Evaluation procedure Diane is suffering from chronic depression Minimize physical symptoms of depression and anxiety Having Diane test for depression disorder
Meet regularly with the therapist to explore thought pattern and behavioral impact
Assist the patient to reduce anger outburst and reduce negative automatic thoughts
Administer medication to control depression Therapist to help Diane to reform 3 months Written report assessment of self-report 
Treatment plan based on Family Systems Approach Theory
Problem Goal Objectives Responsibility Time frame Evaluation procedure Diane is suffering from chronic depression Reduce physical symptoms of depression and anxiety
To develop relationship with family members to address anxiety and depression Family members to come together to address anxiety and depression affecting Diane
Offer a containing and safe environment to all family members and build warm acceptance, unconditional positive regard, happiness, active listening, and trust within the family
Parents to identify what contributes to personal unhappiness and life stressors on the patient Family members to build rapport relationship with Diane 2 months Self-report from parents
Self-report from Diane 
Did you have difficulty writing the treatment plan?
Writing the treatment plan was not difficult because I have been trained on how prepare it since I began internship program.
What areas were most problematic for you?
The most problematic area was the assessing the problems affecting the patient because she was not expressing problems affecting her clearly, and as a consequence this made diagnosis become quite difficult.
Did you make the treatment plan reasonable?
Despite of the difficulty experienced, I managed to create a reasonable treatment plan.
Were you able to see the distinction between the plans based on two theories?
I applie...
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