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Psychopathology And Diagnostic Process (Case Study Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that your knowledge of the diagnostic process and practice, and to apply this to a fictional case. On the day this assignment opens you will receive a brief case synopsis. You will work you process to arrive at a diagnosis, then build a case to support your conclusions. To accomplish this you will write a paper (5-8 pages) in which you provide responses to the following questions:

  1. Briefly discuss the diagnostic process you used with this fictional client to reach a diagnosis.
  2. What pieces of information presented were most influential and why?
  3. What additional information would you have liked to have to feel more confident in your diagnosis?
  4. How might you have gone about getting that information?
  5. What is the diagnosis or diagnoses that you think appropriate and why?
  6. If you have multiple diagnoses, how would you prioritize them for treatment and why?

Psychopathology and Diagnosis
Question 1
Descriptive Psychopathology is one area that psychiatrists have an interest in because it helps them understand the systems and disorders of mental related diseases (Chen et al., 2014). The study is useful in the diagnosis process and it also is used in creating diagnostic systems. Clinicians need to understand the abnormalities which are associated with mental disorders for them to give the best to the patients. In the narration given, the clinician is supposed to listen keenly to the patient in order to identify the mental disorder that they have. The patient begins the narration by giving the issues that made her go to a hospital, which is the losses in her family and also the feeling of being sad most of the time.
As the clinician tries to dig deeper and get to know the patient's problems, he/she must consider the two issues and also the fact that the patient suffered from a mild Cognitive Impairment at an early age. The strong feeling of sadness is associated with the mental disorder known as Borderline personality disorder. The condition appears in early adulthood for most patients. One exceptional thing about the mental condition is that it is more common to females than the way it is for the males. It is also a condition which is caused by genetic and environmental factors.
Question 2
The first most influential information told by the patient is that of mentioning she suffered from mild cognitive impairment. All qualified physicians know that the condition worsens as one continues to grow old. At thirty the patient can experience high levels of forgetfulness as compared to the way they did when they were a bit younger. When the clinicians get such information it is easy to offer treatment, understanding fully well that the patient is having a serious condition of forgetting. Additionally, the physicians can also determine as to whether the condition has grown to become a dementia.
The second influential information given by the patient is that of losing her family members. She begins narrating about her aunt who she misses much and then the death of both her parents. After much thinking about the loss of her aunt, she has lost some weight and has a strong feeling of anger. From that confession, the clinician can tell that Roberta has signs which are similar to those of depression. The information makes it easy for the clinician to come up with the right treatment for the patient.
The other information that was influential is that which described the situation which her father suffered from before he took his life. It stated that he had to be in a hospital several times due to depression and was not able to recover. When the situation got out of hand, he took his life something that happens only to the depressed persons. The clinician can tell that the problems Roberta is having are genetic. Her father had gone through a similar situation of depression. The treatment program should make sure that she does not get to a point where she has suicidal thoughts.
Question 3
In order to give a correct diagnosis, Roberta was supposed to give additional information about other family members who were depressed and the kind of help that they got. In most cases, family members behave in a manner that is similar. Additionally, the clinician would have asked Roberta how she feels about her father. If she felt that he did the wrong thing, then it will be easy to administer treatment. She wouldn't want to die the

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