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Case 10-2: Challenges to U.S. Immigration Policy (Case Study Sample)

Writer, The following need to be written in 4 FULL pages with one source, which will come from this book (and citations MUST come from chapter 10!) - International Ethics: Concepts, Theories, and Cases in Global Politics (3rd Edition) by Mark R. Amstutz. Please do not plagiarize, and make sure it is well-written and organized as well as cited correctly. I do not need a title page, but make sure there is a references page (reference page is separate from the 4 FULL pages required). In this case study, you will need to answer the questions 1) What is ethical here in this case?, 2) What are the remedy(remedies) for that ethical case?, and 3) ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS UNDER MORAL REFLECTIONS IN THE PDF FILE (IT IS ON PAGE 6-7). I will upload the case study in an attachment. Please read the case study and analyze it carefully. Also, please answer all questions under \"Moral Reflections\". Lastly, in a paragraph or so, give the facts of the case (preferably in the beginning of the paper after the introduction). source..

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Challenges to U.S Immigration Policy
In everyday life, people always move about. The destinations that are frequently visited usually have attraction facilities or amenities that the traveler couldn`t get in his/her home country. Visiting purposes can either be for pleasure or business and this movement is what is referred to as immigration. There exists the push and pull factors in immigration. The pull factors attract people to a particular region or country whereas the push factors are the reasons behind the movement of people from that area or country. These movements are governed by a set of immigration laws and practices which face numerous challenges and difficulties. This is majorly seen through a number of instances in illegal immigration. There also exists the plight of the immigrants who are viewed as having a less worth compared to the other individuals. The governments of host countries categorically state that they are at liberty to choose who they want to settle in their country.
Facts of the case - The immigration rates and numbers in the United States have been very high. There are large numbers of illegal and legal immigrants and refugees moving into the United States annually, approximately 675,000 and still counting (Amstutz, 2005, p.191). The immigration laws were put into place after the First World War to regulate the number of immigrants moving into the States. The numbers of immigrants reduced but later on in 1965 shot up to great numbers after the passing of a new legislation. In 1990, another immigration law, the Immigration and Nationality act was passed in order to determine the criteria and preference to be considered for the admission of immigrants (Amstutz, 2005, p.192). The major preferences were therefore considered to be that of employment and family. Consequently, the number of immigrants admitted annually is much great than the limit that is set by the laws averaging to more than 900,000 and almost hitting 1 million annually. Many other challenges hit the United States legislators. Border controls, labor demands for the vast economy, how and when to force the existing immigration laws and how to deal with the situation of influx in the number of immigrants were the many challenges that the legislators were to tackle.
Ethical dimensions and decision making analyzed - Ethical concerns are the major issues that most of the economies, governments and countries are always worried about, mainly during policy making. The rights and wrongs of the society and practice run deeper than most of us are aware of. The ethics, moral righteousness and wrongs concerning the immigration policy of the United States where there exists family and economic preferences compared to the refugees is complex (Amstutz, 2005, p.195).
1. The policy suffers a dilemma on immigration practices to follow and which immigrat...
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