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Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Study
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Dealing with autism in children can go one of two ways; either extremely well or catastrophically bad. What is clear, however, is that the first step to managing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is understanding it. The second step is understanding one’s child and where they are in the spectrum. Jessica’s case is one in which ASD has been a constant source of stress and struggle for her in her learning. At the same time, the recurrence of problematic behaviors often stifles Jessica’s ability to learn from her peers as well as her educators effectively. This case study presents a comprehensive assessment of Jessica’s condition as well as the most appropriate methods through which her problematic behavior can be arrested. In essence, this case study provides a clear perspective on how Jessica’s ASD can be approached and effectively managed in a way that promotes learning, development, and independence in her to enable her better communicate with others and integrate into the various communities to which she belongs.
Keywords: ASD, learning, communication, development
Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Study
Jessica is a young girl suffering from what appears to be Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The behavioral and developmental traits exhibited by Jessica demonstrate a significant likelihood to being ASD and as such demonstrates the significant need for attention and care that will enable her not only overcome the condition, but also develop into a young girl that is capable of fully taking care of herself and existing comfortably within the society in which she finds herself. In this sense, it becomes critical to develop a robust understanding of the current condition that she suffers from and how it can best be managed in a manner that allows for consistent development and improvement in her life and behavior. This paper looks to assess this case and hopefully gain an in-depth understanding of what Jessica, as well as her family, needs.
Taking into account the symptoms, behaviors, and traits exhibited by Jessica, it becomes quite clear that she indeed has ASD. This is because an examination of her life and behaviors reveals a striking resemblance to those exhibited by children with ASD. For instance, it is abundantly clear that Jessica has challenges communicating (both at school and at home), obsessive interests (such as playing with the hair on her Barbie dolls), difficulty managing social interactions (such as not responding to initiations from peers and classmates), and repetitive behaviors (such as arranging her items and playing with her toys). Although these are the most common traits exhibited in children with ASD, other traits such as speech delays and learning disabilities are also commonly observed in children with ASD (Hall, 2017). Jessica suffers from both of these symptoms, which have further resulted in her lagging behind in class.
Considering the fact that Jessica’s behaviors and traits can be easily observed, observation by a physician and expert in child disorders will significantly help in the diagnosis process. Seeing as the symptoms exhibited by Jessica are severe and have been so since she was a child, observation will be the first tool to help make this diagnosis (Hall, 2017). Similarly, other tests aimed at assessing whether Jessica has challenges with social communication and interaction as well as repetitive and restricted behavioral patterns will also serve as a valuable tool in making a diagnosis (Boutot, 2017). In every way, these tools will help experts make an informed diagnosis on the state of Jessica’s ASD as well as the specific kind of ...

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