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Theory and Theoretical Framework: Infant Mortality (Case Study Sample)


Theoretical Structures in Research
The previous modular concepts encouraged a clear and logical understanding of theory development in research.
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Theoretical Framework
Case Assignment
Part I
Select one peer-reviewed journal article related to the topic and/or question. Prepare a critical analysis of the study applying Long's (2012) ideas on the theoretical perspectives in the link below.
Read: Long, R. (2012). Introductory sociology. Theoretical perspectives.
Part II
Analyze and critique the peer-reviewed journal article selected in Part I addressing the following:
Provide a summary of the theory model integrated in the study and discuss the following:
Which theories did the researchers identify? Please use correct in-text referencing to identify the articles that you examined.
Are these theories connected to a specific aspect of the study OR embedded throughout the study as a whole? If so, how?
What are the components of the conceptual framework? Is the framework of the study implied and/or explicitly mentioned in the study?
Does this particular theoretical framework "add" to the quality of the study? Why or why not?
How would a different theoretical perspective alter the study if at all?
Provide an educational and/or health science practice and/or practical implication that applies or promotes the theory model.
Provide an introductory and concluding paragraph with the reflection of the theory development in research.


Theory and Theoretical Framework
Theory and Theoretical Framework
Infant mortality rate is an issue that has attracted global attention over the years. As a result, several people have conducted studies intended to evaluate the main causes of the problem and its global statistics in various countries. The researches include a theoretical framework that relates to the main topic under study. Therefore, the work evaluates a theoretical framework used in a study conducted by He et al. (2015). The analysis includes the applications of Long’s (2012) ideas to the theoretical perspective and whether it effectively relates to the whole study.
Part 1
Selected Article
He et al. (2015) conducted a study on neonatal mortality rates at Southeastern states of the US. The researchers postulate that the regions have led in infant deaths in the US over the years. The research covered the years 2005 to 2009 and includes variables such as infant traits (age at death), Mothers characteristics (maternal education, marital status, maternal race, mother’s age), and birth characteristics (birth weight, month when maternal parental care began). The aim of the study was to determine the significance level of every trait of infants and mothers as well as the socioeconomic factors which give rise to major infant mortality that affects the US’s subgroups (He et al., 2015). The study covered the Southeastern states such as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana. The results showed that living quality and better education should be made available and improve to reduce the rate of neonatal mortality rates in most of the states.
Critical Analysis of the Study Using Long’s 2012 Ideas on Theoretical Perspectives
1 Structural Functionalism
The perspective considers how each section of society works together to contribute to the whole. The theory explains that a society is a structure with parts that relate to each other. The interrelated parts are designed to meet the social and biological requirements of people who form the society (‘’,’’ 2018). The author argues that just like different organs work together to keep the entire body of an organism functioning, various parts of a society also work together to keep it regulated and functioning. The parts of a society refer to the various social institutions such as healthcare, religion, political system, education, economy, and media.
According to He et al. (2015), the various social facts include education, race, and economy. The research indicates that mothers who are older have enough knowledge on how to avoid neonatal deaths. Hence, they are at low risk than young mothers. Moreover, economic factors such as the level of income contribute to maternal mortality rates. Parents from less fortunate families are likely to experience high rate of neonatal deaths. Finally, the race of an individual also contributes to maternal deaths. For instance, most families who are affected are Blacks.
2 Conflict Theory
The theory perceives a society as competing for limited resources. The theory sees a society as being composed of people who must compete for social, material, and political resources including housing, power, entertainment, money, and leisure time. The competition is evident in the inequalities observed in religious groups, corporations, and governments. Some people are able to acquire and keep more resources than others by utilizing their influence and power.
Inequality in the distribution of resources contributes to the deaths of infants. The study indicates that Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana are the most affected regions because of the hig...

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