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Theories In Educational and Health Science Research (Case Study Sample)


Module 2 - Case
Assignment Overview
In this Case Assignment, identify two Ph.D. dissertations (at least one from Trident) in ProQuest that address your topic/research questions, and examine how the researchers presented the theory and conceptual framework in these studies.
Case Assignment
Write a 4- to 5-page paper in which you:
Introduce each study, briefly providing the problem, purpose of the study, research questions, and hypotheses.
Identify and analyze the theories used within each of the Ph.D. dissertations.
Describe/or explain the theoretical and/or conceptual framework presented in the study.
The following questions could serve as guidelines in analysis of the theory and theoretical and/or conceptual framework in the two studies:
Which theories did the researchers identify? Please use correct in-text referencing to identify the studies that you examined.
Is the theory relevant to the research questions or hypotheses? Discuss.
How did the researcher organize the discussion? (For example: subheading, main constructs presented, references to history of theory, related theories.)
What are the components of the theoretical and/or conceptual framework?
Include a conclusion that points out why one study would appear to be more useful than the other in helping craft a theoretical/conceptual framework for a Dissertation study.


Theories In Educational and Health Science Research
Theories In Educational and Health Science Research
Shondras S. Loggins’s Dissertation
Research Problem
The researcher observes that most deaths among the new born occur because of the low income earned by their parents and their racial disparities. Infant mortality rates are lower among the Whites than Blacks. Finally, the researcher observes that stressors negatively impact birth outcome.
Purpose of the Study
Loggins conducted a study on racial and socioeconomic disparities in neonatal infants and investigate the role of stress in Blacks who are at risk and those who are at low risk. The research uses data from the Linked Birth-Infant Death files from the Fragile Families Study (FFS), the National Centre of Health Statistics (NCHS), and the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG).
Research Questions
* Do stress determinants vary between the Whites and Blacks?
* What role does stress plays in explaining racial disparities in birth results among women who are at risk? What role does stress plays in explaining racial disparities in birth results among women who are at low risk?
* What differences exist among the inter-racial infant mortality trends in the US?
The hypothesis that the researcher test is that Black woman have greater infant mortality rates (IMRs) since they experience stressors which negatively affects health birth outcomes.
Benjamin Curran Sosnaud’s Dissertation
Research Problem
Sosnaud observes that good health is not equally distributed within the society just like occupation, income, and education. The rich experiences better health outcomes than the less fortunate. Health disparity is linked to policies and institutions put in place by various societies just like economic inequalities. Hence, the size of health inequalities gives an opportunity to evaluate the extent to which social structures shape disparities.
Purpose of the Study
Sosnaud conducted a research on the difference in the socio-demographic inequalities in the rate of death among the new born babies in the US. The study contains three empirical chapters. The first chapter explores the rates of inequalities in the infant mortality by maternal education. The second chapter is based on racial disparity in neonatal disparity (Sosnaud, 2015). Further, the researcher divides the gaps into two generating mechanisms such as disparities that arise due to variation in birth weight-specific mortality and those that occur as a result of birth weight distribution.

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