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Southfield Packaging Performance Appraisal Case Assignment (Case Study Sample)


Please answer questions specifically. 825 words requirement is only the minimum and not includes questions provided. Please as detail as possible.


Southfield Packaging Performance Appraisal
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1 Southfield Packaging Company has managed to develop a very strong appraisal approach that mainly focuses on not only academic qualification but also the performance of the employees as recommended by their seniors and colleagues. A good performance appraisal of any organization is the one that considers the impact and potential of an employee in facilitating change within the organization. For instance, the performance appraisal tool or instrument of the Southfield Packaging is well structured such that it features all the aspects required to value the quality of an employee through performance. In include aspects not limited to technical knowledge, mental energy and decision making capacity of an employment and the score is supplemented with a short written narrative from the manager.
The required interview is a good idea for the organization before hiring or promoting a person to a higher level in the workplace. Conducting an interview before promotion would help to measure the capacity of the individual to hold the new position with the major aspects measured by communication, knowledge, and skills in the advanced level of work. From the interview, one can learn the attitude of the candidate toward work and his ability to handle more tasks more responsibly as expected by the organization. For instance, Sander managed to learn the attitude of Frank during the interview, making conclusion that he is not fit for promotion just by observation. If the interview was not conducted and just used the performance analysis, there are many aspects of leadership Sander would have missed while promoting Frank, which would have resulted to wrong positioning.
The appraisal should also consider the experience of the person in the field he is expected to execute new duties. Managerial position requires a person who can balance issues and have a capacity to make critical decisions concerning the development of an organization. The appraisal process of the company could therefore involve studying the relationship of an individual with colleagues and the ability to put the organization’s need first. Improving effectiveness of appraisal would ensure that the organization promotes qualified candidates who fits for that particular position.
2 Sander conducted the interview with Belby in a very informal manner. However, this r

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