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A Recruitment And Selection Based On Help Wanted (Case Study Sample)


Read “Case 5.1 Help Wanted!” on pages 164-165 of your textbook.
For this assignment, answer the questions below; your assignment should be a minimum of two pages in length, and it should be formatted according to APA guidelines. A title page and reference page should be included in addition to the two pages of content.
Convince the reader that your response to the questions is correct. Using outside sources other than the textbook is not required; however, they can be helpful in your responses.
Explain the approaches that Fred used to locate prospective candidates for his sales rep position. How do you think that Fred could improve his recruitment and selection process?
What legal and ethical considerations should Fred be aware of when recruiting individuals?
What tools should Fred use to select candidates with the right profile for the job he is hiring for?


Case Study
To find and place the best talent in a job position one has to understand the recruitment and selection process. As a Human Resource Manager, recruitment is the most important part because when one gets it right at this stage they have minimized the potential threat or issues with employees in future. When an organization practice bad recruitment practices, there is a wide-reaching implication for the firm in the long-term. However, even with this knowledge some leaders will still act out ignorance and take shorts cut on the recruitment process even when they are aware of how expensive and important the process is in the current market. In our case example Fred Sutton is such a character, he has been in the company for a long time but still wants to use the traditional culture and make it worse by recruiting through shortcuts and no adhering to ethics as a business manager. This paper is going to look at recruitment and selection based on Help Wanted case study.
Locating a prospective candidate should involve determining from where that is; internally or externally. Developing a pool of candidate is vital. This could be done through advertising for the position internally or externally, going to job fairs or by word of mouth. For Fred, he should have started with advertising internally for t

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