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The New York Times Bestseller Moneyball (Case Study Sample)


The New York Times bestseller Moneyball 

As you watch this movie, consider the following questions:

1. Who is resisting this change and why?

2. What behaviors are used to demonstrate that resistance?

3. What role do emotions play, on both sides of this argument?

4. What tactics and behaviors do Billy Beane and Peter Brand use to overcome resistance to their new approach?

5. What lessons can you take from this experience concerning the nature of resistance and methods for overcoming resistance to change?


Case Study
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Who is resisting the change in Moneyball and why?
I am not a baseball fan, but after reading Moneyball a few days ago, it felt like I got slapped in the face with a marvelous example of how numerous companies are struggling with organizational change. When I began reading the entire book, I got to know that Beane resists changes in it because he feels that he cannot compete properly if he and his team depend on traditional methods of assigning values to players. Despite all the criticism, Beane decides to implement a unique strategy based on the emerging science of sabermetrics.
What behaviors are used to demonstrate that resistance?
It's not easy for Beane to carry on his work as he receives criticism from both his family and seniors. He also faces resistance from a couple of friends, scouts, and the field manager who are unhappy and secretly working against Beane

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