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Interaction of Disruption and Transformation (Case Study Sample)


How do disruption and transformation interact?• What could your role be to make a disruptive or transformative idea a reality?• How do planning, project management and the tools of project management help you achieve the result you are intending?


Lenox Case Study
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Lenox Case Study
Apparently, information technology is one of the crucial components in the current highly competitive business environment. Currently, most businesses utilize computer systems to keep records and order for goods and services from suppliers. However, one of the major challenges is ensuring that organizations use modern technology to enhance their operations and have a competitive advantage over other rivals in the market. In the 21st century, the need to incorporate information system in business operation has grown immensely. The Internet is one of the components that has facilitated communication between the different stakeholders in a business. The introduction of new forms of technology would facilitate operation of Lenox insurance through having an advantage over close rivals and operating more effectively.
Interaction of Disruption and Transformation
Lenox CEO and President, James Bennett, informed a newly hired chief information officer, Diana Sullivan that “distribution is the name of the game”. Sullivan would still recall the extended conversation they had with Bennett. According to Reimus (1997), the agents at the Insurance Company used a sophisticated computer system to select appropriate products from the company’s policies, generate paperwork needed for sales, and establish a financial profile. CFO Clay Fontana, Sullivan’s boss, held her accountable for realizing the set business objectives and implementing the use of the computer system at the company.
Modern forms of technology play a crucial role in facilitating business operations. Sullivan was committed to undertaking all her obligations at Lenox Insurance during her three years of service at the company. However, Bennett had confided in her that computer systems have never been a major strength to facilitate the operation of the company (Reimus, 1997). Accordingly, Sullivan was proud of her contributions in introducing new forms of technology, updating applications, and streamlining other forms of information services at the organization.
Besides, Sullivan had spearheaded the development of Lifexpress, the computer-aided system that had enabled different agents at Lenox Company to conduct business with customers and other prospects in strategies that once seemed impossible (Reimus, 1997). Just as aforementioned, agents would use the computer system to explore appropriate policies at the company, conduct the level of Lenox in comparison to other close rivals in the market, and develop a financial profile of customers. Therefore, the employees could manage to handle tasks that would take several weeks in just a few days.
An introduction of a new system can cause disruption in responsibilities of the workers and even face resistance from them After Lenox implemented the use of computer system, Sullivan realized that her obligations were not clear as she has assumed after her conversation with Bennett. For that reason, she started having doubts with her previous accomplishments. One of the major challenges was that close rivals had launched similar projects, thus posing a challenge to the operation of Lenox (Reimus, 1997). For this reason, top-level executives doubted whether or not the multi-billion dollar would have a significant impact on the market. Sullivan was more stressed up than any other person after realizing that Clay Fontana held her accountable for the implementation of the system and the acquired repercussions.
Role in Making a Disruptive or Transformative Idea a Reality
In a business setting, business leaders play a significant role in making a transformative or disruptive idea a reality. Apparently, the use of ...

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