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Donald Trump Calls Carrier Corporation. Management Case Study (Case Study Sample)


Only use tools from the following readings, DO NOT use tools from other courses.
Please check attached files:
1) The Assignment case (and how to write the case) where you can also find the supporting videos.
2) The Case Study (Donald Trump Calls Carrier Corporation)
3) Articles (supporting documents to write the case):
a- Week 1 Articles:
1- Article: Creating a Purpose-Driven Organization
2- Article: Creating Shared Value
b- Week 2 Articles:
1- Article: Why the time has come to retire instrumental stakeholder theory
2- Article: Instrumental Stakeholder Theory Makes Ethically Based Relationship Building Palatable to Managers Focused on the Bottom Line
c- Week 3 Articles:
1- Article: Future-Proof Your Climate Strategy
2- Article: Business Needs a Safety Net
3- Article: Sustainability Lessons from the Front Lines
d- Week 4 Articles:
1- Article: The End of Bureaucracy
2- Article: Structure that’s Not Stifling
3- Article: The High Price of Efficiency
e- Week 5 Articles: (you must use one of the specific tools assigned in this week.)
1- Article: What Is Strategy?
2- Article: The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy.
f- Week 6 Articles:
1- Article: Six Steps to Communicating Strategic Priorities Effectively.
g- Week 7 Articles:
1- Article: Why Strategy Execution Unravels and What to Do About It.
2- Article: Turning Strategy into Results.
h- Week 8 Articles:
1- Article: The Limits of Strategic Rationality: Ethics, Enterprise Risk Management and Governance.
2- Article: Five Rules for Managing Large, Complex Projects.
3- Article: Building the AI-Powered Organization
I- Week 9 Articles:
1- Article: The Business Case for Curiosity.
2- Article: Outsmart Your Own Biases.
3- Article: Surveymonkey’s CEO on Creating a Culture of Curiosity
j- Week 10 Articles:
1- What Everyone Gets Wrong About Change Management.
2- The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture
3- The Wrong Ways to Strengthen Culture.
k- Week 11 Articles:
1- The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures.
2- What Is Disruptive Innovation?
l- Week 12 Articles:
1- Globalization in The Age Of Trump: Protectionism Will Change How Companies Do Business—But Not In The Ways You Think.
2- Managing 21st-Century Political Risk.
4) Links to videos (supporting videos to write the case).
Week 1 Video: Shared Value as Corporate Strategy (links to be found at attached file)
Week 2 Video: IHMA Necessary Conversation with Ed Freeman (links to be found at attached file)
Week 3 Video: The Business Logic of Sustainability - Ray Anderson (links to be found at attached file)
Week 4 Video: Social Intelligence and Leadership (links to be found at attached file)
Week 5 video: The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy (links to be found at attached file)
Week 6 video: Think Fast, Talk Smart - Communication Techniques (links to be found at attached file)
Week 7 video: Why Strategy Execution Unravels and What to Do About It (links to be found at attached file)
Week 8 Video: A quick introduction to Agile Management (links to be found at attached file)
Week 9 Video: Understanding unconscious bias (links to be found at attached file)
Week 10 Video: The 8 Types of Company Culture (links to be found at attached file)
Week 11 Video: The Explainer: Disruptive Innovation (links to be found at attached file)
WEEK 12 VIDEO: Condoleezza Rice - Political Risk & the Future of American Diplomacy (links to be found at attached file)


Donald Trump Calls Carrier Corporation
Author’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Donald Trump Calls Carrier Corporation
The external or internal political pressure has a significant impact on the decision-making process of the corporate sector. The sudden changes in domestic operations and the political environment have a direct impact on the corporate social responsibility of the organization (Malhotra et al., 2017). The efforts made by the U.S President Donald Trump provide support to the companies operating in the United States in their domestic operations. The carrier companies are taking measures for expanding their business operations.
Risk Assessment Tool
The use of risk assessment tools like Google Trends and Google Analytics can provide specific information to the carrier businesses about customer’s psychology and needs. The data analysis of the user’s information can help offshore companies in formulating a long term strategy. 

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