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The Wells Fargo Scandal: Organizational Behavior (Case Study Sample)


Case Assignment
Please select a company from among the ones listed below (see Articles fo Case Assignment) or else select an organization of choice facing an ethical dilemma (must be approved by Professor).
Write a formal paper 5 to 8 pages long that is an analysis of a company facing an ethical dilemma. Using concepts learned up to now, write your paper from a management perspective in organizational behavior.

The paper should be formatted using APA style.
Make sure you address the statements and questions below:
1. Identify and discuss the main problems or concerns mentioned in this organization
2. How did these problems develop and who was responsible?
3. How could the problems have been avoided?
4. Identify organizational behavior concepts that were or could be applied in the organization.
5. What organizational behavior problems occurred and what actions were or should have been taken to solve them?
6. Identify organizational behavior concepts that were or could be applied.


The Wells Fargo Scandal

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The Wells Fargo Scandal

Organizational Behavior

Organizational structure refers to the study of the way various people behave in the workplace, and the factors motivating their actions. Human resource is one of the most dynamic and important resources an organization. Being in a position to understand, predict, and control various reactions and behaviors from this important resource is therefore of utmost importance. Organizational behavior is essential in improving the organizational efficiency and effectiveness. It helps build healthy relationships and motivates the employees to achieve the goals of the organization in a legal and ethical way. The concept of organizational behavior is anchored on two elements; the nature of the organization and the nature of people.

The nature of people basically refers to the personal qualities and characteristics of individuals. This element is affected by factors such as individual difference, individual perceptions and values, the holistic element of a person, and motivation of behavior. Positive motivation involves encouraging employees to change their behavior so as to improve efficiency through ways such as giving incentives. Negative motivation involves forcing people to change their behavior or face punishment. The nature of the organization refers to its motives, interactions with other organizations, its employees

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