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Shouldice Hospital (Case Study Sample)

**must be written by native English speaker**. Paper will be checked thru plagiarism checker. This is a group paper. My section is 2 pages and must explain how constraint management (concept in text pg. 199) and the hiring of a new Chief Surgeon will improve Shouldice Hospital (suggesstions for improvement using concepts found in text "Stevenson, Operations Management". You can access the Harvard case study "Shouldice Hospital" on line. Must have two sources cited excluding text citations. Sources must be scholary sources. No wiki...etc. source..
Constraints management and hire of new Chief Surgeon in Shouldice Hospital Name: Institution: Date: Constraints management is now widely, as it has the potential to increase efficiency and effectiveness through contious improvement in operations of organizations (Seonmin et al, 2008). Shouldice’s Hospital achieved a lot after the initial task of operating on hernia patient, with the facility being highly regarded by patients and medical practitioners. Nonetheless, the constraints management concept supposes that there are limitations that prevent the Hospital from operating at full capacity. Thus, it is necessary to highlight on the problems that prevent Shouldice Hospital from catering to the needs of surgery patients. Another way through which to improve operations in the Hospital is through hiring a new Chief Surgeon. With increased patient intake, there is capacity limitation on the number of patients admitted in the Hospital. Dealing with the constraint of capacity is potentially beneficial to the organization, as this would improve productivity and services provided. Increased population, and referral to the hospital will draw more patients to the facility, and a short-term solution is unlikely to have drastic changes oh the Hospital. Thus, it would be necessary to build another wing or floor in the hospital to cater for the growing demand of surgeries. However, with the hospital administration needs to look into ways through which to improve supervision, as there may be inadequate monitoring when there are many different floors (Pauker, 2006). Similarly, the existing staff needs to work for longer hours to meet this goal. Using the existing staff the after the completion of the new wing would help to make sure that there is adequate quality control because of familiarity with the workplace. In any case, this is merely an expansion and not a complete overhaul of the Hospital’s structures, and most hospital operations would continue without major changes in the system. To also deal with possible shortage of staff members, then extending the working hours until Saturday would go a long way in achieving this goal. Increasing the capacity of the Hospital increases efficiency of the facility, as there will be less congestion when the occupancy rates continue increasing. Hiring a new Chief Surgeon, is beneficial for the hospital as there is a need to improve on how surgeries are conducted. Even though, Dr. Obney, has been a competent surgeon, there are new ways coming up and change is necessary to keep up with the prevailing trends among surgeons. Additionally, a new surgeon is likely to have a new perspective on how to deal with patients, the surgeon selected needs to have good experience and reputation. To make sure that there is improved efficiency, the new doctor will work closely with other staff members who are already familiar with the Hospital’s operations. Availing adequate resources to the new Chief surgeon...
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