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Profile of a leader - Bill Gates (Case Study Sample)


Assessment 1: Case study - Profile of a Leader
Due date and time: Written assignment due into Turnitin Monday 5th August
Turnitin instructions: Submit a soft copy through Turnitin (see instructions on how to
do this in the BIHM manual and on AUTonline).
Assessment brief: Conduct a Case Study of an honourable leader whom you
• The case study should be in presented in the form of a word document or PDF.
• Use 12 point font minimum
• A very high standard of professional writing is required – edit your work.
• You can use photos, diagrams, illustrations and figures to enhance your presentation.
The case study is intended to professionally present an evaluation of a significant and
honourable leader whom you admire and respect. The case study must present a clear
connection between your choice of leader and a theoretical approach to Leadership.
Preferably choose a leader from your own culture or New Zealand, but this is not essential.
Your case study profile should address the following:
1. Discuss the rationale for your choice of leader (what makes this leader honourable?
why do you admire this leader? Provide clear justification of being honourable with
references – i.e. how is the leader honourable?)
2. Context (briefly describe and outline their characteristics and achievements)
3. Examine the approach to leading (how do they lead? What is their style? What is their
theoretical approach to leading?)
4. Discuss and evaluate Strengths and weaknesses (Provide a concise analysis)
5. Reflect on Important lessons (What have you learned from investigating this leader?)
6. References in APA 6th


Profile of a leader - Bill Gates
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Profile of a leader- Bill Gates
There are individuals in the world that have inspired many through their leadership either in religion, academic, corporate and politics. Such individuals have contributed to the improvement of the lives of people. These people qualify to be heroes because of their immense achievements. One such individual that have been an outstanding leader is Bill Gates.
The rationale for choosing the leader
Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft Inc. which has been critical in transforming how people use personal computers. As CEO of the company, Gates demonstrated leadership skills that led to the growth of the company. He foresaw the development of Microsoft Windows, which has created an environment for IT experts to build their software. In addition to being a successful CEO, Gates has been instrumental in transforming the lives of people through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Banerjee, 2018). The organization has been critical in improving the lives of the poor through the various programs especially in health.
Characteristics and achievements
One of the notable characteristics of Bill Gates is his desire to learn. At a young age, Gates developed an interest in reading (Howorth & Jacobs, 2017). While other children were watching cartoons, Gates would spend his time reading books to gain more knowledge. This allowed him to gain knowledge at a tender age. Even today, Gates continues to be an excellent reader. He believes that reading creates an opportunity for people to understand the world around them.
Another characteristic of Gates is his dedication to work. He believes that hard work is critical to achieving goals in life (Rampton, 2016). This has been demonstrated from the earlier days at Microsoft Inc. where he worked hard to make the company successful. His dedication to work allows him to be focused. As a result, Gates managed to build a team of dedicated young people who went on to create one of the most successful companies in the world today.
Furthermore, Gates is caring about people. Gates has remained caring about the suffering of the less fortunate in society. He has encouraged other wealthy individuals in the world like Warren Buffet to sign the giving pledge, a commitment to give a majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes or charitable organizations (Clifford, 2018). Gates has encouraged people to reflect on what they have achieved with their talents. He believes that individuals should not only judge themselves by their professional achievements, but also how well they address some of the world’s deepest inequalities, and how well they treat others. Having such a caring and empathetic attitude has enabled more people to admire him. Gates it the type of a leader who is not working towards his personal goals, rather he desires to see others grow. This is a key quality that makes Gates a successful leader.
Lastly, Gates has excellent communication skills. Gates has used these skills to ensure that those he works with understand his vision. According to Prive (2012), it is critical for individuals to know how to explain what is on their minds to others. Gates has used his communication skills to create a productive working environment in Microsoft Inc. and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. While Gates was the CEO at Microsoft, he ensured that the employees understood the vision for the company which was critical in enabling Microsoft Inc. to become a world leader in software development.
Throughout his life, Bill Gates has made numerous achievements. Firstly, he co-founded Microsoft which has been instrumental in the technology space. Microsoft Inc. has been a leader...

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