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Case Analysis: Bullying (Case Study Sample)

Your paper must demonstrate your ability to analyze and synthesize information from theories and empirical findings related to bullying and apply that information to a practical situation. Your paper should follow APA format. CASE ANALYSIS You are a child development consultant who has been hired to assess cases that involve bullying. Please read and evaluate the Case Example: Joe (Swearer et al., 2009, pp. 8-14). Keeping in mind the socio-ecological approach to bullying, you will write a 4 – 5 evaluation of this case study that:  explains the outcomes of this scenario within the theoretical frameworks presented in your readings (Orpinas & Horne, 2006, Ch. 3; Swearer et al., 2009, Ch. 2-3)  identifies the risk and protective factors (Orpinas & Horne, 2006, Ch. 2) that are present in this scenario including those related to the individual factors, family factors, peer factors, school environment factors, and community/cultural factors  makes recommendations on what parents, teachers, school, or community could have done to reduce the likelihood that Joe would have been a bully-victim. GENERAL PAPER GUIDELINES Your paper must demonstrate your ability to analyze and synthesize information from theories and empirical findings related to bullying and apply that information to a practical situation. Your paper should follow APA format. PLEASE NO PLAGIARISM WHAT MAKES A GOOD PAPER?  Your paper should be structured overall and within each paragraph. That is, it should begin with an introduction that introduces the thesis of your paper, include supporting paragraphs that provide evidence for your thesis, and end with concluding remarks. Each paragraph of the paper as well should be structured with an introduction, main arguments, and a conclusion or summary.  Your paper should demonstrate your ability to synthesize (i.e., put together in a meaningful way) information from different sources. Your ideas should be written in a coherent manner. There should be a good flow of ideas and transitions should be used to link the key points of your arguments.  Your paper should demonstrate a good understanding of developmental theory, processes, and concepts related to your topic. All claims that you make in your paper MUST be supported by evidence. REQUIRED BOOKS AND READINGS: Orpinas, P., & Horne. A. M. (2006). Bullying prevention: Creating a positive school climate and developing social competence. Washington, DC: APA. Swearer, S. M., Espelage, D. L., & Napolitano, S. A. (2009). Bullying prevention & intervention: Realistic strategies for schools. New York, NY: Guilford Press. Tokunaga, R. S. (2010). Following you home from school: A critical review and synthesis of research on cyberbullying victimization. Computers in Human Behavior, 26, 277-287. source..

The term bullying refers to continuous psychological, verbal, or physical hostile behavior of people practiced either directly or indirectly towards inferior powerful individuals with an intension of causing harm and fear to them. There are various reasons that results to bullying. For instance, some individuals involves in the practice in order to establish superiority over other people while other involve in bullying to discriminate others based on race or ethnic differences. Bullying has been experienced within various localities for centauries and has resulted to great harms to the victims. For instance, physical bullying has resulted to injury or even death of the victims; similarly, it has also resulted to rejection of persons within their societies and mental illness among other effects. Most of the people that have high risks of bullying are children especially while in school. Some of the sings of child bullying include depression sings, poor performance, fear when speaking with other children, fear of going to school and becoming withdrawn.
Causes and Effects of Child Bullying Based on Theoretical Frameworks
Causes of Child Bullying
Different children practice different form of bullying based on different objective of the practice. Some of the common forms of bullying practices that children use include verbal bullying practice through jokes or abuse, violence bullying through threats, sexual harassment, through homophobia, through ethnic and racial discrimination and bullying through cyber bullying via internet services or use of mobile phones. Therefore, one of the factors that lead to child bullying is based on cultural practices. Children who come from societies where power and other forms of leadership titles are gained through bullying will automatically practice bullying especially in schools so as to gain power and leadership over other children. These children will ensur...
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